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The Silver Coven [Supernatural VtM Type] - <Coven> 21+

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Our website.




To the supernatural eyes that read this, the enchanted script slowly appears to take form before supernatural eyes, reading as follows:


The Elysium is a sanctuary, a place of neutral ground. The Silver Coven's goal is to educate and mitigate prejudices towards Supernatural Beings. All kindred/kine or visitors are expected to respect this “neutral ground”.  If you wish to find us, our address is within Gridania's Lavender Beds, Ward 13, Plot 3.






Theme & Hierarchy:

Though we are grateful to Final Fantasy’s lore, we also yearn for the freedom to indulge ourselves with creatures that may not exist in Final Fantasy or have attributes we more fully desire to be included. We have loosely based the theme of the Free Company from Vampire the Masquerade - Dark Ages: VtM

Because of this, we decided to use their dice system for our Character Progression Roleplay System. Use of this system isn’t mandatory! Members may opt in or decide to pass on this option. The list of creatures that are welcome within our walls are derived "mostly" from Final Fantasy, as we use it as our main guide to help bridge the gap.

Also, we will provide a detailed explanation of "The Vampire in FF" and the tie in to the VtM aspects. This explanation is not listed on our site, yet.

The Silver Coven provides sanctuary, education, and housing to those who seek it. A lot of the arts that may be taught are "forbidden" in Final Fantasy lore.

Our theme is to promote and encourage roleplay within the game Final Fantasy XIV by providing a safe and fun environment to people who seek it. RP, and events are open to being planned by its membership and its leadership.

We are a Medium to Heavy RP FC run & governed by the leader with the assistance of the officers. The "depth" of the roleplay is left up to the membership. The main reason we aren't fully listed as a heavy roleplay FC is, we accept non-roleplay members that are referred by veteran members and we also accept new roleplayers who are willing to learn.

We are a group of adults that have come together to share in the fun of roleplay within the FFXIV universe.




What We Are Looking For

We seek active roleplayers or roleplay curious, to join our dynamic Free Company.
We are looking for players that want to attend and participate in scheduled and or random roleplay gatherings or pve events. Pst Maps etc.
Most importantly. Mature, honest, responsible, fun loving players who are open to making new friends with fellow gamers.


Our Future Plans

★ Continue working on our Dice System for progressive roleplay. We have some things worked out already. Anticipated time of completion – Feb / March 2021 - Completed!

★ Roleplay the acquistion of a large mansion for the theme. - Completed!
★ Recruit new members. - In progress.





Some of our rules


All Free Company Members must be 21 years of age or older . If the player is not a U.S. citizen, they must be a legal adult in their country. No exceptions. Why? The Free Company may have dark themes, drug use, illicit stories that may or may not inappropriate for persons of a younger age. We use IC game references to the drugs or something closely resembling it and not any real world drug references. We do not condone such behavior in real life and only partake of such things in a fictional game world.


No futa-like characters are allowed nor characters that fetishize any LGBTQIA+ persons. This rule is not up for debate.


Our Free Company does not charge in game gil for any service. As long as members have our tag, it is the policy to never charge real gil for any service. RP Gil only. As some roleplayers do not do a lot of pve/pvp/crafting to gain gil, not "charging" for gil helps them out.




Thank you for checking out our advertisement. We hope to see you soon.

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