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Aultena Sephimiri




Entry One


Sillesti had me working on bandersnatch hides all afternoon, stretching them on the racks for curing. I know what he’s trying to do and I get it, but I really wish he wouldn’t. Just the smell of them brings back bad memories. It makes me sick at my stomach… 


I was eternally glad that some noble-turned-ruffian came calling, looking for a hunter to track some beastie down with him. I didn’t even care about the particulars, I just wanted to get away from those bandersnatch hides and all the memories they evoked. 


He called it an “odd creature” and, having seen it up close, I’d have to say this noble doesn’t travel Dravania much. Dragonflies are pretty common in the Forelands, so we’re used to dealing with them. A bit of silencing powder to keep it from calling for reinforcements and a few serrated arrows to cut through its hide and the job’s done. I don’t know what kind of fights this noble has gotten into before, but he certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Not at all a practical sort of hunter. He could have just as easily sliced through the thinner wing membranes instead of jumping onto its back to carve at its withers. Ah well, I suppose I can give him points for style?




It was good to get out and hunt, though, to have something else to think about besides … things I’d rather not think about. It wasn’t particularly lucrative, but given that this was a simple hunt with no real effort on my part, it didn’t really feel right to charge him like I did something significant. 


Seems like he has more business out here in the Forelands, though, other “things to clean up” as he put it. His family has a ‘summer house’ out here somewhere that is likely overrun with either creatures or cultists. He seemed unsure that I’d take a job hunting people, but people ruin the balance of the world just like some animals do. So long as I’m not hunting them for sport; I don’t kill just for the sake of killing. There has to be a purpose, a reason. Not just that someone wants them dead. He seemed agreeable to that, so I think we’ll get along just fine.


Me and this Karaan.


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