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Aultena Sephimiri



Entry Two

By Ochon’s Weary Wanderings… these dream-jumps are really a trip and a half. The last time it happened, I ended up in a place called Eulmore, at a club called “The Beehive”… let me tell you.  I thought no place could put the Quicksand to shame.  I was wrong.  So very, very wrong. Needless to say, I was exceptionally glad to get pulled back home.

This next trip, though, was to yet another unknown place. It was beautiful with flowers everywhere and a gorgeous castle off in the distance. It was as idyllic a place as one could ever hope for. Karaan was there, but none of the others that I’d seen previously were. I wonder if they ended up in different places like I had. I prayed that none of them had to endure the Beehive. Gods, spare them that!


We investigated the castle at the heart of the area, but found it shuttered and locked with no visible way in beyond the front doors. There were strangely no guards either, only a bizarre pair of bushes at the base of the stairs that looked like grotesque little men with wooden spears.  Unusual topiary, to say the least. 


As Karaan and I stood outside the castle, we started to hear voices. They wanted to play a game, so they cut us a deal:  One of us plays the game, the other is the prize to be won. If we win, we get the prize and the way out of this place. If we lose, we get stuck there, forever, to play with them for all time. No, thank you, I’ll take the challenge any day of the week!


We decided that I’d be the Player and Karaan the prize, just in case they decided to send us swimming in the lake. Karaan can’t swim at all, much to my surprise, I offered to teach him after this was all over. It’s a survival skill no one should be without. Sillesti taught me that often enough, along with my parents. You never know where your quarry will choose to hide, so it’s best to be prepared for any terrain or situation.


I played their game, which was easy enough.  One silly children’s riddle, then I had to do something ‘daring’ but they made no stipulations.  I chose to sing a silly pirate shanty and hop on one foot.  Not something I’d normally do, but then, they didn’t say it had to be something dangerous. They seemed thoroughly entertained by it, as did Karaan. I just wanted to get us out of there. Imagine my surprise when the voices promised that we’d have safe passage through their kingdom for such marvelous entertainment. That’ll be a blessing in the future, I imagine. 


I departed with my “prize” and it was well in good time, Karaan started to fade and return to our own world. We said we’d meet up somewhere in reality, I had to teach him to swim, after all.  



Special Thanks
Player of Karaan Nolan and orchestrator of fae-folk fun!
Zhan'a Rakhin Mastermind behind Woven. ❤️


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