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Located in Mateus : Mist; Ward 12, Plot 50
IC Linkshell: --- , OOC Linkshell: NitroBrewed
Times & Dates Open: TBA (Pacific Standard Time)

Uranami Onsen is an indoor & outdoor hotspring including an izakaya and wellness room. 
Please read all rules & etiquette as patrons are expected to understand them in full.
We are currently under construction and are looking for staff. If you are searching employment please read our "How to Join".
(OOC Note: We are not an ERP guild.)

Hours: Sunrise til Midnight
6 Days a week. Closed Lightsday-Firesday *(Monday due to typical Server Maintenance. According to XIV Lore; there are 8 days in a week.)

General Public Use: 3000g. Unlimited Time. Includes one (1) beverage & one (1) meal.
Private Onsen Use: Discussed individually based on time

*Please note that when there is no Player-Staff around PCs are not expected to pay OOCly. Infact there will be no OOC handling of gil, only IC transactions. If you really wish to tip us you are welcome to do so.


If you have any further questions please contact the individuals below.

Contact: Nohni Vhaze/Oyuna Kagon or Ira'to Zeerrha/Gen Ejinn

**ALL PHOTOS represented here are royalty free stock images.


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