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Commonly Asked Questions!

Iron Bride


Weren’t you guys DD-RP not that long ago?

We were, but there’s another group of fine roleplayers hanging out under that tag, and after discussion, we decided we would switch to something a little more… punny, to keep ourselves distinct.  After all, if you ask, do we RP?  Yes, we DewRP!


Is your inn a front for some illegal or shady business?

No, what you see is what you get here - we’re just an inn and tavern. There’s no deep dark secret plot behind the curtain (though there’s nothing wrong with having one, if that’s your thing).  For us, though, we’re a place for characters to meet up and socialize, and we’re focused on slice of life, casual, and character-driven RP.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t storylines and plots, but they are character-driven and opt-in, and won’t disrupt the larger flow of tavern goings-on or force characters into moral or ethical quandaries.


What’s your stance on lore?  How strict are you?

For people that want to join the FC/LS, we take a flexible stance on most lore things.  If it seems possible within the known lore, we tend to accept most reasonable fanon or things that are rare but not improbable, such as a character having the Echo.  We tend not to be OK with Warrior of Light kinds of things, though, such as being an IC White/Black Mage or having a personal connection to any major story characters.


When it comes to people who just stop by as patrons of our events, we don’t consider lore at all, though OOC we will probably notice if someone’s saying/doing things that make no sense!  IC, we will treat that patron politely, though the characters might find them slightly crazy and not interact more than is needed.


If I join the FC/LS, do I have to host every Sunday?

No, working the Sunday events is not required.  We do love it when our DewRP folks help out though!  We hold our dinner events as an outreach to the community and as a way of giving back to those that make other events across the server.  However, often our members can simply hang out that day as customers or inn residents.  We’re a small house, and a small event most weeks, and we rarely need more than a handful of people to make it run smooth.


I might want to join on an alt.  Is that okay?

Yep!  We do ask that you tell us up-front about that, though, especially if we’re not going to see you very often because the character isn’t frequently played or because you’re leading another RP group.  Honesty is the best policy about that sort of thing - we’re far more likely to want someone around that tells us the truth about what they’re looking to get out of RP with us.  In the end, it takes all kinds to make a good RP group, and we’re not going to turn someone away just because we didn’t get your main.


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