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A home away from home for adventurers and travelers alike, Dewdrop Inn is a privately-run bed-and-breakfast located in the Mists. We focus on slice of life RP and serve as a launching point for character personal stories, as well as provide a low-stress, interactive RP event on Sunday afternoons (accessible to both NA and EU!).





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Free Company

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Tavern, Slice of Life


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    Missed a week of puns? For shame.
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    Little Ladies? Been there, done that. How about Big Girls? Join us for a cocktail party, complete with... you guessed it... bad puns. (It's kind of our thing.) Sunday, March 11 from 4:00pm-6:00pm on Balmung, Ward 1 Plot 24
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  5. https://78.media.tumblr.com/20738ad550c1d758233e52fe08d9420a/tumblr_p3qx0mgEKB1wmbhsxo1_1280.png[/img] We are still looking for more hosts and regular guests to join us! We have an LS and Discord available for those who are attached to another FC but still want to be part of the Dewdrop family.
  6. https://78.media.tumblr.com/f91149d801b6d42861d945ab56c0039c/tumblr_p2z2lgBTZe1wmbhsxo1_1280.png[/img] We are addicted to puns.
  7. We had a very successful opening on January 7th! Thanks so much to everyone that came out to the inn. See you next week.
  8. A home away from home for adventurers and travelers alike, Dewdrop Inn is a privately-run bed-and-breakfast located in the Mists. During the day, our hosts will direct you to local sights and provide leads on work-for-hire. When the day is through, grab a meal in the tavern, relax in our baths, or take a stroll in the gardens. Innkeepers Eidelrael and Iyrnbryda Haerkoenwyn, a pair of sisters from an isle in the Bloodbrine Sea, have come to Eorzea and brought their family hospitality business with them. As the doors open to the public for the first time, they'll want customers, of course - but also tenants for rooms, hosts and hostesses to make the place lively, and the kinds of regulars that only a tavern can draw in. So don't be shy - do drop in to the Dewdrop Inn! We're a new FC on Balmung, but its founders have been playing here for a year already are pretty well established. We have a house and all the buffs you'll want OOC, but I'm hoping what you really want is fun RP, because so do we! We started Dewdrop Inn because we wanted a roleplay concept that was truly as open as possible, so that anyone with the will to try and a good attitude can come and have some fun. Our roleplay is intended to be laid back and slice-of-life; while there might be plots here and there, we're looking to let you be the author of your character's story, not try to dictate how things go. We dream of making a wider network of roleplayers that understand that many of the memorable moments of this hobby come down to the small, random, unexpected interactions that we want to help facilitate. We're open to most kinds of characters. After all, just about anyone has a reason to visit an inn! Travelers of course, passing through as an adventurer or as a destination for a couple on holiday. Or maybe someone looking to rent a room long-term, outside of the bustle of Limsa's pirate-filled levedesk, or a local looking for a new tavern to haunt nightly. Maybe someone looking for work, either doing jobs for hire or perhaps as part of the Inn staff itself! To learn more about us or to learn how to join, visit our site!
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