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Silent Watcher



Today began as any other. I am challenging myself to step away from the wood lines and join the masses in the cities to forge new friendships. It's much harder than I expected it to be, but I happened to find myself partaking in a conversation with a man I decided to call 'Silent Watcher'. How ominous and incredibly un-creative, I know!


Standing alone at one of the many railings in the tavern, he appeared lost. There was something in his eyes that spoke the words he could not, but he was not searching for individuals or things. More or less existing in a space where he claimed to be 'gawking' at others, but I believe he was as lonely as I! As much as my anxiety loathed the idea of potentially striking up conversation, there's no way I am going to overcome my current feelings by continuing to be this awkward like child (which I am not) and standing off to the side.


You'd be proud of me, I actually started the conversation. Somehow I masked the insecurities I felt in being unworldly, but he was as thoughtful as I in conversation. There was a real sense of longing to have a friend we shared and although our chatter could be best summed up as professionally awkward, it was so memorable to me. He was so kind, but you could tell when we began to speak of the sea, he was riddled with a sadness. Oh, what a fool I was to speak of my fear of the sea, but it's true! Here's to hoping he did not look down on the fact.


Eventually, he disappeared. His goodbye as warm as conversations, which makes me hopefully we can meet again and speak as more familiars than strangers trying to mash together sentences in hope the other doesn't notice their flaws!


Until then.

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