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Ebonguard Mega-Update!



This post crossposted from the Ebonguard tumblr.

Hey~o; your neighborhood friendly bird here with lots of news!

As it may have been noticed, both inside and outside the linkshell, things have been pretty quiet. But we’re working hard to change that, and this is the first step! In a way, this is a sort of ‘relaunch’ of the LS, and by ‘relaunch’ I actually mean ‘we have stuff in order and we know what we want to do and how we want to do it, so we’re going to go forward and do our best to bring out the best in this cool thing we already have.’

There are no big changes in the strictest sense of the word ‘changes,’ but in an effort to get things moving a bit more, we have decided to take some ideas for a spin!


For a long time when the linkshell was started, we didn’t have anything beyond our Google Form application. As much as we like the concept of interviews, which we implemented later, we don’t really have the manpower or motivation to do a sit-down chat for every single person who wants to join, so we’re going back to just having the application. 

This should make things much faster and remove the possibility of meaning to do things and then forgetting because life came up (because now we just need to look over what we’re given and give a yes/no.)


Crimes of Opportunity are a new thing that Ebonguard is going to do going forward. These are basically crime-themed RP prompts! They are kept intentionally vague and are meant for anyone (regardless of whether they’re a member of the LS or not) to be able to take and use however they see fit. The prompts can entail formal jobs or they can simply suggest a scenario or situation that could be used as a backdrop for something else. The first Crime of Opportunity will be posted on Thursday, July 19, and from there will be scheduled to post every two weeks!

We welcome community suggestions and input for these prompts, so, if you have an idea you want to throw out there then by all means contact us @ebonguardls!


The Scenario was put on hold due to a combination of life (summer classes are a pain!) and low activity, but it will resume sometime early August! The first event in the current arc (and the last one that was played) can be read up on here! While long-term plotlines are intended for the members of Ebonguard, people who want to take things for a spin are more than welcome to get in touch!


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