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The Valkyrie Network is a LS Community hosted by the Valkyrie <<VLKYR>> FC and is open to all RPers on [Ultros]. We specialize in the RP experience and building a safe and welcoming community for the Ultros RPers. Our backstory has the structure of a Grand Company and is militaristic in nature, but is intentionally left open and vague to include divisions such as commerce and reconnaissance for characters that do not engage in combat. RPers do not have to be in the FC to take part in the storylines/events. We also offer RP workshops for new RPers and DM workshops for veterans who are interested in DMing. Our RP playstyle is heavily influenced by D&D style RP and is focused on character development within a smaller group setting (typically 4ppl max per DM). If you're interested and/or have any questions, please contact Mia Ostergard, Silucia Luncionno, Sai'ya Ebonmane, or Sogarn Ostergard in game.





Group Type


RP Intensity


Military, Spy, Commerce, Comedy, Adventure, Romance, Family


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