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In the realm of espionage allegiance flows, and in that flexibility is bred the potential for betrayal. Allies, once keepers of secrets, become the tools of opposing parties, spurred on by fortune, revenge, or honor. Whosoever had formed the Consortium may have done so for any of these reasons, but one thing is clear; they profess a ruthlessness in driving back the snakes that slink forth from Garlemald. Where nations draw blood against the Empire with roars and booms, the Consortium draws it in silence.


No conscience will dissuade the Consortium from delivering bites into every shadow. No negotiation shall bring mercy to their righteous vengeance.





The Mukade Consortium is a roleplay linkshell group focused on assassins, rogues, and hitmen of various walks who have pledged to aid one another in the elimination and undermining of the Empire and its own shadowy agents. While Eastern-themed, it accepts members from all corners of the globe. The Empire is, after all, everywhere as well.


What Does This Linkshell Do?

The Mukade Consortium linkshell is a group of roleplayers participating in semi-regular roleplay events, following along a particular series of plotlines and gatherings. Attendees will work towards a particular goal each event, or otherwise meeting up for light-hearted roleplay. Though focused on combat and danger, nothing is stopping any members from using the group to conduct or attend casual roleplay meetups! Being plot-focused and roleplay-heavy, character "arcs" or "plots" are always welcome and encouraged. This linkshell aims to be a friendly, supportive group to facilitate roleplay, ultimately!


Is The Linkshell OOC or IC?

Both! During roleplay events, or when members are utilizing the linkshell for IC communication, members should use their preferred method of denoting OOC speak (double parenthesis, brackets, asterisks, etc). Otherwise, OOC communication is welcomed and encouraged.


How Often Are Events?

At the time this was written (9th of October, 2018), event scheduling has not been set. Until more members join, I will refrain from establishing a set date and time for events, so that I may set a time that may include as many members as possible, as regularly as possible. Due to the GM's scheduling, no time earlier than 7pm PST/10pm EST will be used on weekdays, while weekends can easily host an event at any time. The frequency of events will likely be either weekly, or bi-weekly, depending on member fervor and availability.


Do I Have To Attend Them All?

Absolutely not. You're free to attend as many as you'd like. Given the linkshell can be used to connect similar character archetypes to one another, and not just for events, you could very well attend none of them if you so wished, though that'd sort of defeat the purpose of an IC interview! Event summaries will be posted after each event, so that characters who missed them, or are otherwise just joining the plotline, can catch up on recent events, and hop right in!


Great! How Do I Join?/I Have Questions!

If you're ever unsure of things, contact Kairen Ollerus or Salkhi Borlaaq in-game if they are online. Otherwise, feel free to message ZOMGodzilla here on the ffxiv-roleplayer website, if you are offline or the aforementioned characters not online in-game. Joining is as simple as contacting any of the names mentioned prior and setting up a moment to conduct an IC interview. As being a part of the Mukade Consortium involves not merely walking up to the group events, characters will need to assess others before allowing them to join. This serves two purposes: ensuring characters have a suitable IC background to warrant being a member, and also to ensure characters are suitable in and of themselves.


Suitable Character? What Does That Mean?

It comes down to this: if your behavior -OOC or in how you play your character- or the aspects you have attributed to your character would disrupt roleplay at large, either by breaking canon significantly, distracting players, or otherwise clashing with players in any significant way, you would not be suitable here. As we are are here to participate in shared roleplay experiences, things that would seriously put off most players is ultimately not welcome. No comments, opinions, or negativity is being expressed here about anyone's characters; if differences simply cannot be rectified between players, then that's that. If you are turned away after the IC interview, it is not because of any disdain for your character; rather, it is because aspects were seen in the character that would likely result in argument.


How Does My Character Come To Know Of The Consortium?

Great question! The answer is: it's up to you! There are a number of ways your character could find its way into the halls of the Consortium. Perhaps your character came across one of many cryptic recruitment posters strung across Hydaelyn, solvable only by the craftiest of puzzle solvers. Or maybe you're already part of a shady group, whose leader was contacted by someone unknown, asking for additional hands to aid them. Maybe your character is exceptionally perceptive of the going's-on in Kugane, following the trail of clues that such an organization is being set up and funded! There's even the welcome situation in which you'd like to establish a retroactive relationship with one of its members (if you don't already have one!), invited to the Mukade Consortium personally! If you're unsure of how best to get in, you can always message Kairen Ollerus or Salkhi Borlaaq in game, or ZOMGodzilla here on ffxiv-roleplayers.


Are Enemies Allowed In?

Absolutely. If you want to play a potential enemy, either upfront or hidden within its ranks, you are welcome. However realize that revealing their nature would ultimately mean being run out of town, or otherwise killed. You should probably refrain from making your only character a villain, if you plan on sticking around for events. Playing such a character will of course require discussion with linkshell leaders, as well as some caveats.


Is There A Discord?

Yes. Discord will be used as the primary means of communication for roleplay events, as well as a welcome hangout space for its members.