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In the realm of espionage allegiance flows, and in that flexibility is bred the potential for betrayal. Allies, once keepers of secrets, become the tools of opposing parties, spurred on by fortune, revenge, or honor. Whosoever had formed the Consortium may have done so for any of these reasons, but one thing is clear; they profess a ruthlessness in driving back the snakes that slink forth from Garlemald. Where nations draw blood against the Empire with roars and booms, the Consortium draws it in silence.


No conscience will dissuade the Consortium from delivering bites into every shadow. No negotiation shall bring mercy to their righteous vengeance.



The Mukade Consortium is a roleplay linkshell group focused on assassins, rogues, and hitmen of various walks who have pledged to aid one another in the elimination and undermining of the Empire and its own shadowy agents. While Eastern-themed, it accepts members from all corners of the globe. The Empire is, after all, everywhere as well.