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IC Information:

The Coeurl Consortium was originally founded as a means of unifying craftspeople, companies and businessmen together to consolidate their united resources, with the goal of expanding their influence and reach. As a result, their earliest established precedent is to function as a complete circle; therefore creating an atmosphere of both personal and collective advancement. Though business is always welcome.


The Consortium was originally founded in the great city-state of Radz-At-Han, but has recently set up their first office in Eorzea within Limsa Lominsa; what was once an old smuggling den, has now been renovated to better suit their purposes. The Golden Coeurl of their logo has slowly made way onto the markets dotted throughout Eorzea, along with rumors that the Consortium may be seeking able bodies and minds to expand their numbers and footing in this new region.

The Consortium has garnered a reputation for the often-relentless pursuit of their own goals. Rumour has it that they have achieved success through unsavory means; such as orchestrating pirate raids on rival trade routes or even provoking conflicts to promote the sales of their own wares. But these are merely rumours, of course, and hold very little truth besides.


OOC Information:

As a successful and venerable business, the consortium adheres to the code of honor that any businessman worth their salt should. Though we do indeed operate with integrity and honesty (most of the time), we do not remain passive when things take a turn for the worst, in situations where a more direct approach is the only solution.

As a business, it’s uncommon that you'll encounter criminal acts or similar malicious activities being practiced by our members, but at times when it is needed, we don’t mind using some more frowned upon tactics when absolutely needed. Business is business, after all.

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