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IC Background : - So, you must be asking, what is the Enchanted Lotus? We are a family-founded, family-run Thavnarian Restaurant and Teahouse! The Lotus started as the fledgling dream of one man, but has since flourished into reality thanks to the help of many! OOC Background : - The Enchanted Lotus prides itself in being a welcoming community, and we accept people from any and all walks of life, including LGBTQ+ individuals! This applies both OOC and IC, so please do not be afraid to be yourself!





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Free Company

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Thavnarian Restaurant


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    Weekly Open Rp Night @ The Enchanted Lotus 7-10pm Est [Ward 17 Plot 30 The Goblet ] - Authentic Thavnarian/Hannish Cuisine [Custom orders available on Request] - Unique Delectable Drinks at the Bar - Lil’ Lotus Daycare - Occasional Live Performances Downstairs near the Tea Bar. Lotus Menu https://tinyurl.com/LotusMenus https://theenchantedlotus.tumblr.com/post/182277942983/weekly-open-rp-night-the-enchanted-lotus-7-10pm
  3. The Enchanted Lotus Valentione Day Masquerade - [ **Masks Required** ] Thursday February 14, 2018 @ 8pm Est The Goblet, Ward 17 Plot 30 - Mateus Server Costume Contest Raffles Dance Roulette Live Performances Drink & Food Join the Enchanted Lotus this Valentione’s, in a whirl of mystery and intrigue! Wear your fanciest frocks and your most dashing attire complete with necessary mask to the Lotus’s very first Masquerade Ball! Let the Lotus share their enchantment with you this evening as we seek to woo our guests into a night of fanciful delight with live performances, costumes, good food and drink. Note: Raffle Choices & Menu to be Announced Closer to Date! https://theenchantedlotus.tumblr.com/post/182290656663/the-enchanted-lotus-valentione-day-masquerade
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