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Criminal Underworld themed Free Company that features the Pearl's Haven, an open roleplay Tavern located in Goblet Ward 2, Plot 5). We seek everyone from mercenaries, tavern staff, entertainers. Even if your character is not associate with the criminal underworld, you're still welcome to join! We also plan on doing in game events such as weekly Chloe runs, Heaven on High, Pony/Bird/Dog farms, and maps! Contact me at Kodie#4492 on discord, or find us in game Kodie Durant, Pylea Ashewood, Levan Valormont, and Rin Narukami.





Group Type

Free Company


Criminal Underworld/Tavern


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  2. Posted fliers, and Criers all around Ul’dah have made mention of a new tavern. An upscale tavern where even the most downtrodden of the Pearl Lane, can feel like they’re royalty. The Pearl’s Haven (Goblet Ward 2, Plot 5) opens their doors to the public as of today! You’ll be greeted by our most well dressed Roegadyn guard, but don’t worry, she’s simply there for your safety. Your matters are your own, what’s discussed with in the tavern is for you and your own party, so worry not of any law enforcement lurking about, you will not find them here. What happens in the Haven, stays in the Haven. Our VIP lounge is reserved for our most valued guests, where secrets will never reach beyond the doors. Keep in mind, you must relinquish your weapons upon entrance, we do not tolerate any sort of violence, or thievery. Those are the only rules we strictly enforce, violate them, and you may be taken to room #5. A place you will never wish to be invited too. Who runs the venue? That’s the biggest mystery, whomever it is seems to have influence from Ul’dah’s elite. Orders from the higher ups of the Brass Blades, and Immortal Flames have made it clear to leave the Haven be. This place maybe your Haven, but keep in mind, your actions could bring consequences outside, though do not worry, with in the Haven you’re in our safe hands. OOC Info: The Pearl Haven is an open rp hub for anyone who wants to get away from busy areas where shout chat gets flooded with nonsense. Also for those who are wishing to rp with someone, but have no idea how to get things going, the Haven is a perfect little ice break for them to meet up at. The Tavern is open 24/7, we have NPCs up to play as bartenders, waitresses, and guards so come on by and who knows, maybe someone else will be there to meet! It’s also a place for morally grey to criminal background characters to spread their wings without worry of a law enforcement types bothering you. Does this mean law enforcement characters are not allowed in? Of course not! They’re allowed, but they’ll be vetted through the Family’s networks of the Brass Blades and Immortal Flames, and are under strict orders not to disturb the patrons of the Haven. So if you’re into being the hero and trying to stop the bad guy from doing anything? This may not be the place for you. Not that we’re saying evil occurs all time, just let people do their thing. Our goal is by Mid to Late May for us to host our first Tavern Night Grand Opening. We’d like to have entertainers, and staff of course. So if you’re interested, please message me here or in game!! (As well as our officers Pylea Ashewood, Levan Valormont, and Rin Narukami of La Famiglia Eterna) The more interest we gain, we’ll expand the room. We already have a “cleaning” room for our unruly, or those who with to obtain information from someone else. A game room, lounge, and others are in the works. All in all, we want people to have fun, and know there is a place they can go to enjoy roleplaying. All we ask is to be respectful, keep OOC chatter to a minimum, anything considered nsfw like ERPing please move to /tells or /party chat, but more importantly have a good time.
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