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"Are you a weary adventurer? Need a place to rest and relax? Come to the Siren's Song where we tend to the weary! We provide Highly skilled courtesans versed in many skills. From talking, to fun in the bedroom, and everything in-between! So come on in and rest that weary head!" Welcome to the Siren's Song. A new place where you can meet up with one of our highly skilled courtesans and enjoy their company.





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Free Company

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Entertainment, Courtesans, Brothel, Night Club


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hello hello. Sorry for being quiet, but with real life stuff happening, haven't had a chance to post much of anything. but, we are still open (tonight and tomorrow, same time as it has been). So feel free to come on by and stay awhile. Also, June 15th will be the one year anniversary of us opening. Not sure if we will celebrate it (I hope) or not. But if we do, will post something. Also, if you think we should celebrate it, let me know. And then we will go from there. Thanks all and have a great day. Rose
  3. For tonight, Siren's Song Nightclub will be at a different location. Adamantoise, Mist. Ward 18,Plot 46. This is our second place and will be meeting there tonight. Tomorrow we should be back at the FC house. Depending on how things go tonight. Hope to see you there
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    Come join the Siren's Song nightclub Halloween Party Oct 26th and 27th, Adamantoise, Lavender Beds Ward 15, Plot 3
  5. This is Rose's most up-to-date look. Well, different hairstyle.
  6. This weekend is our end of summer celebration. And it happens to be our first theme night: bikini and swimsuit. So, come on by and rest awhile.
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    It is that time of year again: end of summer. So, why not come by the Siren's Song and enjoy the company of the beautiful people of the Siren's Song. It will also be our first theme night: bikini and swimsuit night. So, come on by and rest awhile. We look forward to seeing you there.
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    These are the days and times the Siren's Song is open
  9. Name: Tsukira-wolf Cheimka Occupation: Courtesan, Bodyguard, Adventurer Age: 26 Gender: Male. Preferred sex: Females of all race, including lala. (will accept males too) Dom/Sub: Switch. Kinks and services: Furry, light-medium BDSM, Vanila, Sexual pain, rough sex, age play and more! Pretty much open to most things, ask for more details. Biography: A lost lone tiger outcast, abandoned by his own clan and family, found himself wondering around in Eorzea fighting for survival and food or gil, till was met Madam Navah, whom adopted him and raised him, thought him everything he knows both at how to be a skilled fighter and as a high class courtesan. After going in her footsteps to becoming an adventurer he enjoys to spend his down times between battles and traveling helping at the Siren's Song Brothel.
  10. I apologize, but management (me) will be making some changes to this site. Nothing major, just some updates/additions,deletions/etc... So, it may not look the best initially. But in time I hope to make this site better. Thank you for your patience and understanding. -Management
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