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"Are you a weary adventurer? Need a place to rest and relax? Come to the Siren's Song where we tend to the weary! We provide Highly skilled courtesans versed in many skills. From talking, to fun in the bedroom, and everything in-between! So come on in and rest that weary head!" Welcome to the Siren's Song. A new place where you can meet up with one of our highly skilled courtesans and enjoy their company.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Entertainment, Courtesans, Brothel


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  2. Welcome to the Siren's Song. How may we help you tonight?
  3. until
    As of now, this is our schedule. Though there may be some times/days we're not open for various reasons. Should that happen, will try to update as soon as I know. Thank you for your understanding
  4. Just some screenshots of my room. Hope you enjoy
  5. If you are looking to be with a particular Siren. Or, looking for someone that is into a particular fetish. Or looking to be with someone outside of our normal working hours, then leave a reply here. And our staff will do our best to make sure your request is met within a reasonable time frame. Thank you for your patronage. E.S. *hugs and kisses*
  6. Thanks all to who showed up tonight, and those who made this night possible. I would say a great success for the opening night. Again, thank you all.
  7. Come join us this Saturday, June 15th for the grand opening of Siren's Song. Located on Adamantoise, Lavender Beds. Ward 3, plot 15. Get a chance to meet some of our employees and spend time with one as well.
  8. Here is a list of our highly skilled employees. From Courtesans, to Bodyguards, and everything else. Courtesans: Navah Cheimka X’sinsu Nhati (currently not available, but maybe in the future??) https://www.f-list.net/c/Xsinsu Nhati Cyndi Hope Alyria Askfhiswyn Tsukira-Wolf Cheimka Radin Nightfire https://www.f-list.net/c/radin miqote Leona Blackheart Rhone Mountilyet S'ayaka Miki Lust Crane Kelly Firefox Jester Lavore Divine Rose (available upon request) Chess Yukuza Toragana Dotharl Lisa Hunt Lavender Sevenstars (also a bouncer) - Vanilla/non-sexual services for now Bodyguard: Koka Hanato
  9. Here are the days and times you are able to come and visit one of our lovely Sirens. Clients who arrive after closing time will have to leave a request on Discord and we will make sure to fit them in when the brothel is open next. Note: clients who entered before closing time and are already being attended to, can stay as long as they wish even after closing time. We don't want to ruin any fun happening at that time.
  10. Come join on us on our grand opening of the Siren's Song. Everyone is welcome to come to this momentous celebration.
  11. Services provided: Vanilla talking crafting gathering companionship etc... Fetishes sex bondage etc... Extreme vore dismemberment etc... BANNED fetishes Anything with actual animals Snuff, as in killing people Pricing: (to be paid up-front) Services Vanilla 150,000 per hour First hour - 150k upfront `Second hour (+) - 150k at end of the hour Fetishes 300,000 per hour First hour - 150k upfront, 150k at end of the hour. Second hour (+) - 300k at end of the hour Extreme 500,000 per hour First hour - 500k upfront Second hour (+) - 500k at end of the hour Tipping is allowed (but not required), and 100% of it does go the courtesan
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