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"There's a lot of power in being kind."

It was with these words that the idea for Gratia was formed, a charity organization determined to better the world in the ways it can, to be an exception in a world overtaken by grand conflicts, endless wars, and violence. Gratia's founders met in another Free Company with charitable motivations, but were dismayed that their version of charity just involved more violent endeavours. In essence, they were a company of non-profit mercenaries. Gratia wanted to foster a different kind of heroism, heroes that help not by reaching for their daggers or gunblade, but with a warm meal, or much-needed shelter, or a helping hand.

Gratia doesn't expect to change the world overnight, if at all, but rather to help as humble individuals helping others in the ways they can.

Gratia welcomes tradespeople, scholars, merchants, and adventurers looking for a different way of being, as well as many others. People of all skills and means are welcome to apply, to offer their hand for whoever may reach out for it, and find the power in kindness.


Gratia is an RP FC on Mateus that focuses on charity-centered roleplay stories. We're an 18+ FC; we might broach more mature topics in our FC chat or on our discord and we'd rather not have to censor certain words or topics on the off-chance that someone is underage. We are LGBT+ friendly, with a variety of LGBT identities represented in our leadership. Our goal for Gratia is to be a welcoming place where people can have fun with (mostly) light-hearted RP and create friendships that last. While some stories may involve a fair bit of adventuring, combat is something that will happen rarely, if ever.

Looking to apply? Join our discord and use our application bot to fill out our application: https://discord.gg/NGCtncD

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