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PIRATES of EORZEA «YOHO!» is a casual pirate-themed light to heavy roleplay FC on Mateus.

Our discord is an open networking community for anyone wanting to make more pirate connections!


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Instead of revolving around a single ship/crew, we aim to create a general community for pirate-related characters!

Already a captain of your own ship? No problem! Looking for a crew to join? No problem! Both sea and sky are fair game!

We'll provide RP opportunities through group storylines, DM'd community events, job postings, and casual interaction!


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We are a brand new FC, so we're still working on getting things set up and established but we're officially open! Our aim is to create a fun RP group where you can roleplay as much or as little as you'd like - with no penalties for inactivity. We understand life can happen, that people can't always make it to events, we take breaks from playing, and sometimes people just want to play the game instead! We want to create a space where you get to participate and RP with others at your own pace! This also means we enjoy running game content, as well as OOC social activities through our discord server (movie nights, voice chats, other games, etc!).


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We also welcome:

✔️ NON RPers: if you'd like to be a part of our group, that's good enough!


✔️ NON MEMBERS: you don't have to join our FC to be a part of our adventures!

We love to have contacts, allies, partners, enemies/rivals, or just esteemed guests!


✔️ ALTS: feel free to dump in your alt characters for the buffs!


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Carrd: (coming soon!)

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/vJdBgmZC9u
CWLS: Contact Bouviere or Kiara for an invite!

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C O - F O U N D E R

C O - F O U N D E R

In Game Bouviere Belmont Kiara Nocturne



M-F: 12am - 4am EST

Weekends: 2pm - 4am EST

M-F: 1pm - 4am EST

Weekends: 12pm - 3am EST

Tumblr https://blackserpentine.tumblr.com


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