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[Tempus Ballad] is a Free Company that is inspired and based on the concept of each character stories will lead onto creating or expanding the Tempus Ballad Story. Tempus was created to be a non profitable organisation who works to provide aid to those within and outside of the City State's Borders.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Project Ballad


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  2. The Tempus Ballad is a lore centric heavy roleplay storytelling guild. The free company is age restricted to 16+ due to the authenticity of some of the story lines the guild may create. If one or more of the free company stories may contain mature or graphic content a tag to the event will be implanted for example [mature]. Our aim is to create an authentic roleplaying experience for all who interacts with the community whether the person is a member of the Ballad Community or a member of the Omega Roleplaying Community.
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