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Bushido Royale: Far Eastern Martial Tournament


Kasagagi Dojo, Genko & Khokanchin, Golden Fox Trade House and Bansenshukai are proud to present:


The Bushido Royale



To celebrate the liberation of Doma and its rich culture, Kasagagi Dojo invites all martial warriors to test their martial prowess against fighters from all over Hydaelyn at an exciting location in the Far East.  Sponsored by Genko & Khokanchin, Golden Fox Trade House and Bansenshukai, the Bushido Royale, a range of events will be included in this Bushido Royale including:

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies. 
  • Gambling 
  • Merchants selling various Far Eastern wares.
  • A mid tournament show with a dance performance by Lucky Sparrow!

Any martial warriors, both melee and ranged, including archers, machinists, puglists, paladins, samurai, ect are invited to sign up and attend. No spell casters please.


Where: The Coral Banquet arena in the Ruby Seas (x31, y 5). Balmung server.

When: 7.30 p.m EST. Friday the 13th of April, 2018.

Entry fee: None!





  • Basic Grindstone system. Roll initiative and whoever wins goes first. Roll for attack verse defense. The first person who hits the other three times win.
  •  Wooden weapons, sucker cup arrows and paint balls will be used depending on your weapon of choice. No real weapons please.
  • You must arrive and be ready to fight by 7.30 EST when the tournament begins or your slot will be offered to someone with a reserved slot.
  • No dis-figuration or permanent damage please. Any attempts to cause serious bodily harm will result in you automatically losing the match.
  • Anyone needing healing IC must be attended to by healing staff of the Bushido Royale or otherwise face disqualification.

Any further questions can be directed to Keiho Jizutsu or Kasumi Gakunin in game.


Poster credit goes to the talented Celi Eve. Thank you!!!

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Sign ups are now closed. Our sign up list is as followed:


Tola Balrahn 
Jude Paw
Blake Forester 
Garron Durieux 
Tange Shishido 
Yumiko Gekkoha 
Lyon Mercury
Vilette Laurent 
Lycheria Itazura 
Yuri Namaikina 
Ayane Mayuzuma 
Sil Ascheblade


U'illya Verlial 
Arcadius Vernos 
Kojako Gineda


Thank you all for signing up and good luck! See you next Friday!

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