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Tavern Night

Aldric Sayrillont

Event details

This event began 05/08/18 and repeats every week forever

What is the Crimson Iris Lounge?

The crimson iris lounge is a High class lounge stylised towards hosting underworld RP and shadier business deals behind the guise of a reputable establishment! We offer a vast range of drinks and a environment for players to roleplay and communicate with one another, establish connections whilst enjoying the performances that will be put on at the centre stage! We have a growing range of staff to communicate and enjoy the time with, and for those who have a darker side and wish to use the establishment for its darker dealings, they are free too! They can also get in touch by asking the bar staff.


Is anyone allowed in?

Of course! Despite our main focus towards underworld and the more shadier characters, any and all players are allowed within to come in and have a good time! We wont bar anyone entry (Unless they cause a ruckus of course) and any walk of life is free to have fun within our halls!


Where is it and what time do I go?!

Our tavern is in Ward 14 , plot 18 of Shirogane, and our open night starts at 7pm EST on a Tuesday! Granted this tavern will be open a lot more of the time though if you wish to have contact with one of the staff, do whisper them in game first! Otherwise you are free to use the facilities outside of public times and use it for your roleplay! though do take in mind the bartending will be done by an NPC.


Who do I contact for questions?

For any questions about our tavern nights or any of our other dealings, poke either Von Sayrillont or Khayia Chemso in game for more information!


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