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The Nightingale's Plight - Part 2/2


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"Word 'n th' street says that our songbird 'as been sighted at Ishgard fer th' past sennight gatherin' intel on Idyllshire an' th' Hinterlands. Whatever it is, we're bound t' find 'er lingering 'n th' area soon. Further intel tells us that Garleans 'ave set up a small encampment 'round a construct locked away inna magical barrier. Why they want anythin' t' do with it is unclear, but I'd rather not find out. I've turned over this investigation t' th' Tracker...er... Narantsetseg. See 'im when it comes to rescuin' Mitsu. I'm sure under his lead we'll bring 'er home this time. He's gonna need a few able bodies, though. Seek 'im out if ye wish t'help."

- L'Aelius


4/4 Participants

@👻 Guyuk Servee 👻



@Dead Pile of Lizerds

+ Mitsu Mimori [Shiri oen Aulos]

+ Narantsetseg Makhchin

+ Megaera Sulla [Our Garlean]

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