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  1. Primary Contact: Q /Selana, Dragon/Priae Location: Chimera's Workshop Attention all Chimera Agents, It is about that time of year when I like to take The Chimera out of the hangar to put her through her paces. I plan to plan a voyage to the Diadem; an area up in the Sea of Clouds, and will welcome any that wish to come along. Rare ore and plant life unique to only this area await you, or if you wish to prove your skills against vicious monsters, they will surely be present. - Q Note: Discord IC RP is allowed the day of the mission if you wish to RP on the Airship as it travels to the Diadem. Requirements: Lvl 60 DoW/M, item level 179+
  2. Description: “Hello agents, friends and potential customers hopefully! My name is Tir’na! Some of you might remember me back when I was impaled on a giant sword, others might know me as that vegetable from the infirmary… But nevertheless that does not matter because i’m writing this to let you know i’ll be opening up a “Medicinal herb shop”. “Now I say “medicinal herb shop” but in reality it's basically akin to an opium den. I mean i’d try to sugar coat it but like, the sugar would really be diamond dust. By the way Crystal gave me some of that, it was the tits. But getting back on track, my lil drug den The Dreaming Fairy (Melody demanded the den be named after fairies) will be opening soon and i’d like one and all to come for the opening sale and free samples! I hope to see as many of you as I can, also if I don’t remember you from our last job together i’m just gonna blame the comatose and long term brain damage so don’t be upset.”
  3. Description: Are you single as a pringle? Do you still want to get the Valentoines event done? Then join us this Sunday in all your single pringle glory to help out your fellow pringle guildies!
  4. Description: "Word 'n th' street says that our songbird 'as been sighted at Ishgard fer th' past sennight gatherin' intel on Idyllshire an' th' Hinterlands. Whatever it is, we're bound t' find 'er lingering 'n th' area soon. Further intel tells us that Garleans 'ave set up a small encampment 'round a construct locked away inna magical barrier. Why they want anythin' t' do with it is unclear, but I'd rather not find out. I've turned over this investigation t' th' Tracker...er... Narantsetseg. See 'im when it comes to rescuin' Mitsu. I'm sure under his lead we'll bring 'er home this time. He's gonna need a few able bodies, though. Seek 'im out if ye wish t'help." - L'Aelius 4/4 Participants @ Guyuk Servee @Alistar @Batu @Dead Pile of Lizerds + Mitsu Mimori [Shiri oen Aulos] + Narantsetseg Makhchin + Megaera Sulla [Our Garlean]
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