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The Dreaming Fairy


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“Hello agents, friends and potential customers hopefully! My name is Tir’na! Some of you might remember me back when I was impaled on a giant sword, others might know me as that vegetable from the infirmary… But nevertheless that does not matter because i’m writing this to let you know i’ll be opening up a “Medicinal herb shop”. “Now I say “medicinal herb shop” but in reality it's basically akin to an opium den. I mean i’d try to sugar coat it but like, the sugar would really be diamond dust. By the way Crystal gave me some of that, it was the tits. But getting back on track, my lil drug den The Dreaming Fairy (Melody demanded the den be named after fairies) will be opening soon and i’d like one and all to come for the opening sale and free samples! I hope to see as many of you as I can, also if I don’t remember you from our last job together i’m just gonna blame the comatose and long term brain damage so don’t be upset.”

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