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RP EVENT - Close Ties


Event details

Sunday, October 11th @ 9pm EST

Combat Event: 3 EXP for attending

Now that the front for the company is set up, and contacts have been made, Artifice is starting to be whispered within the streets of the black market. 

K'lav, Bashi of Artifice, has come into contact with a former associate: A rich Ishgardian noblewoman who worked closely with K'lav, being an informant for Coerthas. Coming back from a business venture, the Tia would have found an envelope in his room, a stain of lipstick in the shape of lips near his name on the front.

"Been a long time since we spoke last.

Heard about your little venture in Ul'dah- I have a proposition for you and your people, provided they have the skills you claim they do have. Meet me on the eve of Lightsday, our usual spot. Will make it worth your while, along with making sure your little birds are well compensated.

Don't disappoint."

Whatever she has in mind, it sounds like it could be a promising start for the network to get their proper start...

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