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Artifice is a newly-formed crime network operating out of Thanalan, comprised of various experts who specialize in their trade: Whether it be assassins, information brokers, drug smugglers, or simply a mercenary with a penchant for getting their hands dirty, Artifice seeks to be the hub for those seeking to hire a professional in matters dealing within the crime underworld. Although the network is small, the organization plans on spreading their outreach beyond Eorzea, looking to gain notoriety and infamy along the way.





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Free Company

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Crime Network


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  2. Sunday, October 11th @ 9pm EST Combat Event: 3 EXP for attending Now that the front for the company is set up, and contacts have been made, Artifice is starting to be whispered within the streets of the black market. K'lav, Bashi of Artifice, has come into contact with a former associate: A rich Ishgardian noblewoman who worked closely with K'lav, being an informant for Coerthas. Coming back from a business venture, the Tia would have found an envelope in his room, a stain of lipstick in the shape of lips near his name on the front. "Been a long time since w
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    IC Shenangians

    Photos from past RP Events or from IC Interactions!
  4. From the album: IC Shenangians

    At the chocobo races
  5. From the album: IC Shenangians

    K'lav and Nahayis talking
  6. From the album: IC Shenangians

    Miel, Xana'h, Mahli, and Orih'to all enjoying the bar.
  7. From the album: IC Shenangians

    Chocobo racing!
  8. O R I G I N S ___________________________ Within Hingashi, talk of an infamous Yakuza gang was whispered amongst the streets of Kugane and beyond, their notoriety giving them means to pursue their criminal activities with more liberal freedoms. Although their work involved malicious acts, those amongst the group had developed a sense of family and respect for both those they served and those they worked alongside, their commitment to one another going far beyond a traditional crime organization. With the Yakuza group’s notoriety, such a status also offered some chall
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