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The Relics Shop, 1/29, 8pm EST, Bazaar


Event details



At the end of every month, RELICS will sell off some of their less-dangerous or handmade items. (I will update this post with new date and time every month ^^) All of these items will have unique or interesting properties that you cannot get anywhere else!

Check out our Items to see what may be available (Items may be added or removed on or before the shop date Which is over on our caard here: RELICS )


There will be an optional OOC purchase for each relic. If you choose the OOC option, OOC gil will be used, but an OOC item will be given. Otherwise, gil and items are IC only. Buying the OOC option is never required!

  • IC Security  will be provided for by the FC
  •  As Shirogane is neutral ground all types of characters are welcome, trouble makers will be dealt with. That doesn't mean haggling and a little disagreement isn't welcome...just trolls and blatant disregard for IC neutrality get dealt with ^^
  • Please keep shout and yell clear during the event for Shopkeepers/Security/And Approved Others(see Below)
  • If you would like to do a street performance during the event we would be more than happy to allow you to do as such please reach out to myself or Titor on Discord (AihiITMiko#6758 or precalculated titor#0054 on Discord for further discussion)

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