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By the Riverbend - The Eclipse : a solar/lunar-themed event


As the sun and moon come together above us, so do we below them.


'By the Riverbend' is a venue of multiple services: a florist with personalized bouquets and messages, a tea parlor of homemade beverages and desserts, and a concert hall that provides a stage for bards to showcase their talent. We plan events around the creation of new experiences and thus new memories to cherish with your friends and loved ones.


This Sunday, 15th of August from 6PM to 9PM GMT approx., we're celebrating an evening themed around the sun, the moon, and everything celestial.


  • LIVE BARD PERFORMANCES - A talented roster featuring our in-house bards Tomana Dawnstar, Charra Raha, and Azura Riannaon, plus guest bards City Work, Hana Yuki, and many more.
  • CARD READINGS - Do you have a question regarding your path? Doubts about your aspirations? Our in-house bard Azura Riannon will be roaming around the event area to offer her card reading services.
  • PERSONALIZED SOUVENIRS - Our florists offer bouquets that come with handwritten messages that can be sent to you or your loved one via our Discord. Inquire during the event to find out about this unique service, or visit our carrd in the links below.
  • GIVEAWAYS - different items await you in our Constellation Raffle. Are the stars on your side?
  • GLAMOUR CONTEST - Dress up to follow the theme of the evening. Become the Lady or the Lord of Crowns and bring home rewards to remember the evening by. Interested in joining? Contact Sarah [email protected] or join our Discord.


LOCATION OF THE EVENT : Light DC - Twintania, Lavender Beds, Ward 14 / Plot 6


Our Carrd https://bytheriverbend.carrd.co/#

Our Discord https://discord.gg/z8dM6Pj6VF

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