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OpenRP 10/8/18

Rei Host

Lucky Seven’s presents OPEN RP NIGHT. Tonight we will be celebrating the recent union of Be’el Ze’Bub and Ishikawa Hanzo at his address in the MIST Southeast Ward 10 Plot 29! Please come on by and give the happy couple your congratulatory messages as well as enjoy their hospitality, nothing too formal, just come ready to chill. Outside sports a relaxing atmosphere with a bath included, indoors you’ll find food, drinks and sitting space aplenty as you relax the night away chatting to other attendees or simply people watching. The basement holds a fine bath area if you want to dip your toes in as well so feel free to bring along your bathing suit, or none at all, winky face . Come on down and let’s get a little love goin’! We hope to see you there.

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