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  1. [align=center]By joining now you'll be on the ground floor of this amazing new Free Company! You'll get to help shape us into something that Balmung's community can truly enjoy! See our application above to join today![/align] [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/WextPuU.png[/img][/align]
  2. [align=center]http://68.media.tumblr.com/64e542b99cb8698acd21114267892c87/tumblr_op9n1nnPRy1ugurupo1_1280.png[/img] [/align] [align=left] Who we are - a blurb: An advertising agency that deals in public relations and hyping events! Our tumblr also highlights things like open space for RP, RP connections, one off events, and repeating events. What we do - to the public eye: We do much of the above. You can pay us (IC money) to hype your event and we will! OOCly we can talk about it in Party Finder and reblog daily the week of leading up to your event, ICly we can be found passing out flyers in the major cities, or simply attending to bolster numbers- you just let us know and we’re on it! ** We also OOCly/ICly offer a flyer service, though these are not free (payment in either gil or USD to be discussed with GG-RP artist at time of purchase). ** What we do - behind the scenes: We run an information brokerage, buying and mostly selling tids and bits that we may pick up at these events or within the cities while working. We also run small odd jobs for companies that may need extra hands along for a run. We also invest in several shops, helping out the little guy- so to speak. When you’re morally gray, the world is your oyster [/align] Application; send us a message when you’ve filled it out and we’ll get back to you ASAP! ♥
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