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  1. Besides the in-game cutscenes, is there anywhere I can get a little more information on Thaumaturgey as it pertains to FFXIV? Or am I sort of stuck with the info given from the quests? Thunderbolt300 Two and Three sound right up Aki's alley. He seems like the kind of Lalafell who would happily take up a 'fire-against-fire' stance on things. He's not usually hot headed, but he can get his knickers in a twist at the stray short-joke. While he's not generally fighting on the side of 'justice', he's not afraid to dish out a little pain (or try to) to those who who trample over his moral code. And, of course, everything has a price. Sometimes including hunting down that guy who just ran off with a bar tab left with over 300k worth of gil. So, I suppose it boils down to him not really being a villain, but using his magic to make ends meat. Connections? I love connections. Connect me up! Put into the Matrix, Morphious!
  2. Aaaw yeah! Just, uh... If you don't mind me hitching a ride on your back every once in a while... Deahfel I think I will definitely have to skip a few pages and read ahead. Maybe book-mark my spot and come back to it once I've gotten the knowledge hidden in the back. I had an idea while I was out where, somehow, an event causes Aki to take a step back and re-evaluate himself as a Black Mage. Maybe some catastrophic accident which leads him to drop the staff and pick up his sword for the sake of justice. Just an idea that popped into my head, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Like, three months ahead of myself. Thunderbolt300 I see, I see. What if, say, the character was more 'Chaotic Neutral'? Are there any notable Black Mages that are not pure, mustache twirling evil? Or perhaps an example of a Black Mage who uses the magic as a means to meet ends that aren't necessarily bad for others but beneficial to themselves? More reseeach will have to be done. Aya So, I take it that the Thaumauturge is more towards what I'm looking for, then? Rather than a full-on Black Mage? Because, like I said above, I'm not particularly looking to becoming a sinister villain. Aki just uses the magic as a mean to achieve personal ends... And because he thinks it's super neat to control (albeit, very clumsily at times) the powers of Ice, Fire and Lightening. And as I let on, I'm not trying to make him this perfect magic caster. I have an idea in my head as Aki being a somewhat greedy shut-in who often takes enthusiastic walks (VERY enthusiastic walks) places on occasion.
  3. Hello everyone! (Ah man, this is a little intimidating.) I'm not a new roleplayer by any stretch, but I'm super dang new to roleplay in the FF XIV community. I've procured a copy of the Eorzian Encyclopedia and I have been browsing through it, through I'm not too far in. Somewhere in the middle of the Allagan heavy Umbral Era. Loving the book, by the way, and I really should devote the time to some heavy reading of those pages. I have a few questions regarding the Lalafells and roleplay character creation. My main character is a Dunefolk (?) Lalafell whom, at the moment, I plan on RPing as a Black Mage. I'm not entirely sure of how I should go about roleplaying this character? Or where even to begin building it? I have another problem, however. When Stormblood rolls around, I have this silly idea rolling around inside of my head for when he picks up the Samurai job. I want to make him... essentially, A Small Samurai. The Smalltosai, Shin Slayer ( ) Any help would be most appreciated. ^^;