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  1. [align=justify]"Stupid huntress…" the Tia muttered under his breath, frowning. Something was definitely wrong with her, and if K'rahto didn’t know her better, he might have wondered if the girl was simply trying hard to get his attention and delay the trip back. It was as if fate itself were preventing him from reaching the tribe and taking his next step. In any case, he didn’t know if those chocobos would be prepared to hold the weight of two people, and K’nahli needed to get rid of her damp clothes as soon as possible anyway. "Stupid huntress…" he cursed again, with little more energy this t
  2. [align=justify]His chocobo took the lead. K’rahto never turned his head back to look at his traveling partner; he could hear the other chocobo’s steps behind him, and that was everything he needed to know. Engaged in the same silence he’d been displaying from the day before, the Tia didn’t seek to give K’nahli any sort of conversation on this occasion either. His thoughts just wandered away, eager to reach the tribe and be done with that damn trip, even if that meant that his life would change forever. Perhaps it had already. A noticeable thud interrupted his thoughts from behind. Somethi
  3. [align=justify]Now free of the hands of her captor, the lady Raen could breathe again. She inhaled and exhaled softly, almost soundlessly, and managed to stand when her knees seemed to want to break. The Xaela, perhaps bitten by the smallest pangs of guilt, finally revealed his name. It was the first submissive gesture he’d displayed, the only one; the first, yes, and maybe the very last as well. At that moment, Yura’s eyes became colder, darker. This was her house, and he was still the unpleasant guest who had dared to spit on her family’s hospitality, the Xaela who had dared to lay a hand on
  4. [align=justify]There it was again, that sheer force that placed her on the brink of an even more premature death. Nothing could ever soothe the rage in the Xaela’s heart; no words, no actions. Again and again he would disrespect those who had tended their hands, first with his words, then with his own fists. The inverted Bole was now on the floor, witnessing the results of its warning earlier than what Yura had anticipated. Curiosity kills, they say; perhaps she’s been far too curious. Her eyes had opened wide, truly taken aback and paralyzed by the situation, for this was the very first
  5. [align=justify]His eyes had closed half way when slender fingers graced his skin. It’d lasted a mere split of a second, yet it sufficed to tear a secret shiver up his back. However, he wondered if any other fingers could have created the same effect. What was it? A wish for being touched, or a wish for being touched by her? Not even he could tell at that moment, as if his brain had gone numb from thinking too much. The lack of sleep, perhaps. K’rahto stood up, grabbed his broken lance to tie it up around his back as he’d done before, and finally turned to look at her with a serious, albei
  6. The first step to become someone more similar to what he wanted to be had been taken. He didn’t succumb to K’nahli’s call the last night; among other things, he’d refused to witness her weakness at that moment. Then why? Why was he feigning to be asleep now, eyes actually open with his back turned to the approaching girl? He was waiting, he knew he wanted to wait. Wait until her fingers made contact with his arm, perhaps in what might be the very last touch between them. It wasn’t until he felt her on his skin, light as the touch actually was, that he could actually speak. “Ready to go ba
  7. [align=justify]What was wrong with her? What in the damn Twelve was wrong with the proud huntress he used to know? Her hand made him come to a halt like the heaviest chainball. He became completely motionless, with his back still turned to her and something akin to surprise creeping up to his luckily hidden eyes. Then there was that weak plea, soft like rain and deafening like thunder, and K’rahto’s brow furrowed darkly. What was… wrong… There was no answer just yet, no movement from the shocked Tia. He almost turned to look at her; almost. Perhaps he could abuse that weakness now, be the
  8. [align=justify]When K’rahto realized, the sound of K’nahli’s venomous voice had started making his blood boil more than what was safe. He’d let her talk too much, say too much. It was clear that the huntress wanted to punch him hard in the face, her words an attempt to make him wake up from whatever hole she believed he was trapped in, as if it were that simple. The reaction was unavoidable; K’rahto tightened his fist, bared his teeth slightly, and narrowed his sharp eyes with the danger of a predator. He’d been right; K’nahli wasn’t something he needed. She was, in fact, quite the opposite; s
  9. [align=justify]K’rahto’s mouth had opened once more to take a new bite, and it froze that way when K’nahli made everything stop with a demand. Stop. Slowly, painted with brushes of disbelief, the Tia’s eyes turned to look at the huntress; she’d always been good with her arrows, hadn’t she? Even now. He wouldn’t be above displaying the smallest signs of weakness for her, even now. But that wasn’t all, it wasn’t that simple anymore. How unfortunate, how ironic that now, when K’nahli was becoming something K’rahto didn’t need, she seemed to want him back. “My lance’s broken,” he answered, hi
  10. [align=justify]She did not mean home? What did she even think he meant? Home, Ul’dah… everything was the same to him right now. K’rahto took a new bite from his meat, perhaps more aggressively than he’d have liked, and forced himself to keep his gaze away. There was some sort of emptiness lying behind the coldness in his eyes, and as much was obvious from his next answer. “Doesn’t matter”. He just wanted her to be quiet. [/align]
  11. ;A;!!! ... T-thank you very much, everyone. And thank you K'nahli for wanting to promote my art. I'm ashamed I'm not doing that myself orz I'll do my best to improve.
  12. Silence. Even if he kept his gaze away, he could still feel her wine eyes upon him, shamelessly observing his every movement. Oh, he wouldn’t turn to face her now. He’d rather be stabbed in the heart than finding damn pity in K’nahli’s features. "K'rahto..." There it was, that careful tone again, far from the annoying and arrogant attitude she tended to display with him. He tensed his fist, deepened his frown, but still wouldn’t look at her. He just didn’t want to find out the things he’d be willing to do if he saw her now... "Don't you think we should go back?" (Stop looki
  13. [align=justify]It was like blinking in an endless second. The warrior brandished his enormous weapon with unrivalled speed, a true demon capable of reaping someone else's life in the matter of a single, unfinished thought. Unable to close her eyes, Yura witnessed the fierceness in that murderous gaze, in the expression of one who lived for and through war. The expression of one who lived. And oh, contradictory irony, for in the eternity of that moment, all she saw in front of her was death. Pure, unrelenting death. And then it was over, and then it was not. She still lived, so did he. The
  14. For a moment, just for mere seconds, Yura's lips seemed to part ever so slightly again. Initially, the warrior's game sounded like an unreasonable one in many senses, even for himself, but Yura's trail of hidden thoughts didn't seem to linger much before reaching a final conclusion, subtly embodied in the way her soft gaze steeled itself again. Her eyes stared at the monster in front of her, revealing nothing. She didn't move. “Do what you must, nameless warrior.” One of her hands at either side was still holding the reversed Bole, a warning she'd been given the choice to follow or i
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