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  1. Thank you! And after some thinking, I've made the switch to Balmung! Now to actually find those doors to open.
  2. ((New to FF14 lore and whatnot, so this is going to be pretty bare-bones as far as as specifics go. Still trying to work out his personality, etc. but let me know what you all think so far?)) Ul'Dah, evening. A dry but refreshing breeze blows through the Quicksand a trio of adventurers burst open the doors and stride in. Spotting an empty table, they sat down and ordered a round of drinks. After a proud toast to their recent success, the group relaxed in their chairs and recanted their daring tale. A Lalafell raised her mug high into the air, "Let's hear it for us! A fine venture into the great unknown! Excellent performances, all around!" She gave a wide smile to her two companions, who both nodded in agreement. "Aye," a Midlander Hyur said as he shouldered his lance to a more comfortable position, "It was well worth the journey. You've definitely improved your casting. I didn't even get singed this time." A chuckle came from a Miqo'te as he commented, "That sure is an improvement. Last time we had to rush you to your room, weeping like a babe about your missing eyebrows. I'm glad we found someone able to actually hold a monster's attention long enough for us to decimate him." The Hyur gave an embarrassed grunt and nodded, "Er, right." He looked back to the Lalafell, "Where did you find that lad anyway? He was so quiet, even after all the fighting was done." The Lalafell giggled and winked slyly as she took another sip of her drink, "I'd heard of him through the grapevine. Apparently he's a local here in Ul'Dah, came here when he was just a teen all on his own. The barkeep thinks he's from Gridania or sommat. From what I hear, he was either kicked out of his home or he ran away on his own accord. Either way, ever since he got here he started right to work. Odd jobs, errands, the like in order to establish himself." The Miqo'te perked a brow in interest, "That so? Earned a living all on his own? Rather impressive considering how he started. How did he turn to adventuring?" "Apparently he took a job as a guard on a simple caravan run. Well, should have been simple. He didn't know much about swordplay, is what the merchant who hired him told me, but how difficult could a small journey be along a well-lit road? Apparently very, as they were beset by a band of thugs. Must not have been well-organized, because he was able to hold his own very well against them. Suffered a nasty gash in his leg that required him to be escorted back, but his devotion to his duty despite his lack of experience was enough for the merchant to pay for some training courses with the Gladiator's Guild." She grinned again, "The rest is history." The Hyur nodded, "Well he must have taken his lessons seriously, he was damn good back there. Wish he accepted our offer to join our group permanently, he seemed like he wanted to but hesitated at the last second." The Lalafell nodded, "Yeah, from what I hear he's likable enough, and he isn't afraid to lend a helping hand if the coin is good. But he's shy, has a lot of walls around that head of his, y'know? I think he's lonely, he just doesn't know how to make lasting friends, what with him escaping his childhood and flitting about from job to job. Maybe he just doesn't know himself what he's after, why he does what he does. Ah well, not my place to pry." With a flick of his tail, the Miqo'te yawned, "Well, we know where to find him if we need his services again. Maybe if we get to know him more we'll get lucky. For now, I'm ready for bed. Shall we?" The other two nodded and gathered themselves up, standing from their stools and heading off to their respective rooms, while Saegar Dyster himself remained seated at the very table next to them. He blinked at the table and muttered, confused, "I guess...I should say more than 'Hi,' next time..."
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply! It's a bit overwhelming but I'm slowly making my way through all the different things.
  4. Who...are you? My character's name is Saegar Dyster! In general I can be called Zaliron! I'm 26 years old, got 3 cats, and am just trying to meet people without having to leave home. What's your RP resume? I've roleplayed on WoW, SWTOR, Wildstar, GW2, as well as miscellaneous forums, and am now trying to get involved here. I have roleplayed a broad range of personalities, from a timid archer to a devoted bodyguard to a cookie-baking Sith. I love playing comedic relief characters, but I much prefer solid, more down-to-Hydaelyn roleplay, and that's what I'm going to shoot for for this character. Any previous FF experience? Not really. I was a Nintendo fan growing up, so I never owned a Playstation. The worlds and lore of FF games have always intrigued me though, so I'm willing to give it a shot. Please be patient with me when I make the many many lore mistakes, though I am trying to review everything! Where are you? I've been on the Faerie server while I got my account management figured out and to level in peace, but I've reached level 20 and feel it's about time to start dipping my toes into the RP scene. Just need to figure out which server. Any interest besides RP? I like raiding, have always been a big fan of it in WoW. I hear Gilgamesh is a good scene for that? Maybe? Possibly? Anything else? No idea, but if I ought to be answering more questions I'd be more than happy to!
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