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  1. Thank you! And after some thinking, I've made the switch to Balmung! Now to actually find those doors to open.
  2. ((New to FF14 lore and whatnot, so this is going to be pretty bare-bones as far as as specifics go. Still trying to work out his personality, etc. but let me know what you all think so far?)) Ul'Dah, evening. A dry but refreshing breeze blows through the Quicksand a trio of adventurers burst open the doors and stride in. Spotting an empty table, they sat down and ordered a round of drinks. After a proud toast to their recent success, the group relaxed in their chairs and recanted their daring tale. A Lalafell raised her mug high into the air, "Let's hear it for us! A fine venture
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply! It's a bit overwhelming but I'm slowly making my way through all the different things.
  4. Who...are you? My character's name is Saegar Dyster! In general I can be called Zaliron! I'm 26 years old, got 3 cats, and am just trying to meet people without having to leave home. What's your RP resume? I've roleplayed on WoW, SWTOR, Wildstar, GW2, as well as miscellaneous forums, and am now trying to get involved here. I have roleplayed a broad range of personalities, from a timid archer to a devoted bodyguard to a cookie-baking Sith. I love playing comedic relief characters, but I much prefer solid, more down-to-Hydaelyn roleplay, and that's what I'm going to shoot for for
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