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  1. [align=center]It's been a long time coming everyone, but we've finally acquired our estate! Feel free to come on by and say hello! Gilgamesh, Ul'Dah, Ward 3, Plot 19, just next to the Brimming Heart.[/align] [align=center]More information and screen shots can be seen on our Free Company forum.[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align]
  2. Looking at some of these numbers it's pretty staggering what it could potentially do to the economy. I'll take a look at Gilgamesh, where we reside, for now. The Tier 1 best plot of land you can buy costs 125M gil at the onset. Let's say that 10 Companies purchase said properties. That's 1.25 BILLION gil gone from the economy. These are the kinds of numbers we see when they scrub out RMT. 10 Tier 5 plots for the large house would knock out 1 Billion gil. Now from what I've gathered, there is a VERY small percentage of guilds out there that can actually afford these prices AND accommodate the number of players in their company. I don't think it's necessarily likely that 10 of the Large properties would be bought out at once, but it's plausible. That's a lot of buying power leaving the marketplace very quickly, and we're not talking about losing RMT gil AND the players/bots that generate it. This is actual hard-earned player money. Who then will be able to afford the prices that everyone wants people to pay after that cash simply disappears? In addition to the tanking economy, if folks aren't already jumping ship on the idea of housing, they're going to cling to their gil like their lives depend on it. I'm well aware of the implementation of new measures of gil generation, but nothing near the amount that SE appears to be wanting to pull out. From the Director's mouth, he's expecting us to grind 7 days a week for 3 months until we can afford a house. At that time, the properties are supposed to have dropped to 50% their original asking price, but that only if they haven't been purchased already. What gives? I don't see who benefits from ANY of this. I personally think they're terrified their servers will collapse, and they're shrouding an IT issue with the glamour of end-game content. I don't mind working hard towards a goal, but offering housing up to only the best of the best seems like a betrayal to me. What reward dod the dedicated players from 1.0 get for saving their gil for housing? First a 1/10 reduction of all their currency (and yes, they did also reduce the price of everything in the game as well), then they just looked at who had the most cash immediately and tilted the curve for everyone else. What of the players who joined Hyperion to be with friends from 1.0? 40M for the cheapest plot of land possible? Ultimately, the news goes against what we were led to believe previously, rumors went rampant, and we got our hopes up. It looks to me like they never intended on making housing available day one, but we weren't told "Please look forward to looking forward to it."
  3. We know that they've looked at least 3 months down the road for pricing, and they've stated that it won't drop below the 50% mark, and that's IF it doesn't sell. In regards to the Legacy servers, they got it worst of all, IMHO. First they had a 10% gil reduction across the board, and while SE lowered the overall prices of items to "give them the same buying power" it's still a reduction in efforts. After that was said and done, they still went into the servers and pro-rated the housing based on the gil capacity. Think of the poor folks that are fresh to 2.0 that decided to join a Legacy server. In regards to working towards a common goal, I'm all for this. Trouble is, we have been since day one, and unfortunately it doesn't appear we've made sufficient progress in SE's eyes. As far as offering incentives for fund donations, that's worked up to a point as well, however who's going to want to drop those large sums of money now that all of the Companies out there still interested are going to be hoarding their gil more than they were previously? Some math's been done over on the official forum, and it kind of shows the scope of what SE is asking for from us at this point. Let me preface by saying that IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM DO I SUPPORT RMT. With that said, at the current prices they are offering their illegal market of gil at, it would cost a little over $18,000 USD to be able to afford the largest house on a Rank 1 server. That's absolutely preposterous, and it certainly doesn't seem to reward the folks that have worked hard and saved up for this feature. If a server had more money to start with, they simply increased the cost of housing. I really don't see a clear winner here. Building up and furnishing the property, in my opinion, should be the long term goal. Or let us buy our properties with the nigh-useless Free Company points we've earned.
  4. I hear you Rock; if we could drop a micro transaction sale for the housing I'd do it in a heartbeat. I'll never support RMT, but these prices seem like a sting operation for those that have. What happened to accessibility and casual play? I don't think that the Drifter's are by ANY means slackers when it comes to raising funds for housing, and I'm proud of the nearly 10 million gil we've gathered since launch of 2.0. But that's a drop in the bucket in regards to what's being demanded of us.
  5. I'd also like to submit the following, in regards to the previous post. This is a re-post from an official forum thread, and it begs the question; If YoshiP was referring to personal housing, why would he imply that 4~5 players would share their earnings to buy a house? November 19th 2012 at 6AM EDT: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/58180-Letter-from-the-Producer-LIVE-Part-IV-Q-A-Summary well, technically it was said the week prior, but that was when the official translation was posted. [0:49:58] Q: Roughly how much will housing cost including the furnishings and interior designs? A: I think that maybe 4-5 players, each with one level 50 class could probably buy a house if they put all of their earnings together.
  6. That may in fact be true, and if so I will certainly stand corrected. However this brings up another topic, as personal housing won't even potentially be available for another 6 ~ 9 months post 2.1 release, and that's if they decide to implement it in the fashion we've been anticipating. There's also bee talk recently of simply making personal rooms in the Free Company Housing, whether this is in addition to personal housing or a substitute is still up in the air.
  7. I'd like to sound off here, and I hope that I can properly articulate the voices of some of my fellow RPers in the process, as well as my own tribulations. I started a conceptual Role-Playing Free Company on Gilgamesh prior to the launch of 2.0 on an RP Forum. RPers are definitely the minority, I think we could all agree, but we did well enough out of the gates to be able to form officially right away. Founding date was the day of launch, and since that day we have been saving a Housing Fund. Literally since day one. In previous interviews, YoshiP had stated that a medium sized house would be approximately the same amount that 3 people would make in their career towards becoming level 50. I thought that was a tall order at the time, and still do! However, we were dedicated. I didn't teleport, I didn't buy armor, and I only spent gil when absolutely necessary. By the time I'd reached lvl 50, I'd garnered about 300,000 gil, or so. It's a rough estimate as anytime I had a surplus it went into the bank. Our initial goal for our Housing fund was 500,000 as I didn't anticipate all of my guild members having quite the same level of dedication, and I wanted to lead by example. Every dime I made went into the fund. Since those early days, we've grown vastly in size; currently we total about 130 or so. We hold events to raise money. We have days of the week dedicated to gathering and crafting for the Free Company fund. I have members that mine all day (6~8 hours in some circumstances) for multiple days to raise funds. After months and months of hard work and dedication from my amazing role-playing Company, we're on the cusp of raising 10 million gil. I'm proud of our efforts, and I'm proud to know these fine people. Unfortunately the recently released information means that I won't be able to reward them for that effort. At least not yet. We were all under the impression that with 2.1, Housing would be available and not some new long sought goal. We've only been at this since launch, and I personally feel terrible for the Legacy players. For them, it's got to feel like they're being punished for their loyalty. For us, the Role-Players, it is a de-moralizing defeat. I understand that they want to ensure subscriptions and long term gameplay. I understand that they want dedication and tenacity. They have it! To be told 72 hours before the launch of the patch that we're just not good enough, however, will surely send ripples into the community that will be felt for a long, long time. I know that Role-Playing can be seen as taboo. We're not a powerhouse end-game raid-hungry force to be reckoned with. But we do our damned best. We are open to anyone with an open mind and heart, and we've done well enough for ourselves, and in my eyes certainly well enough to purchase a place to call home. I will continue to positively re-enforce my comrades, and we will continue our efforts, not only to obtain a Free Company Hall, but to be one of the best role-playing Free Companies that we can be. It will be a rockier road than it has been, however, and one that few want to travel. My name is Kayle Delwyn, Arbiter and Leader of The Driftwood Coast Free Company on Gilgamesh. My Company is my Family, and my Family is without a home.
  8. I don't have the quote for this either, but I believe they said that player housing would come out no less than 6 months after 2.1, as they want to see how people handle the FC housing. They've also been toying with the idea of having personal rooms in the FC housing, in one for or another, in a future update/
  9. They've said previously that you'll be able to have the Company Housing 'open to the public'. Not certain what the mechanic of that will be.
  10. [align=center]http://img.finalfantasyxiv.com/t/059bbe56423e9f9f618a578f2a926bda296b64a2.png[/img][/align] As we work toward the release of patch 2.1, we'd like to give you a peek at what you can expect in the first major update for FINAL FANTASY XIV. Today, we'll focus on housing. Housing Overview Players will be able to purchase a house together with members of their free company. The house may then be used for a number of in-game activities. * While there are plans to allow for individual housing in the future, only free company housing is scheduled for patch 2.1. In order to acquire a house, players must first raise the rank of their free company and obtain a Land Acquisition entitlement. Residential Districts Residential districts will be instanced to accommodate fluctuating player populations. Entrances to residential districts in each city-state may be found in the following locations: City Limsa Lominsa Gridania Ul'dah Housing Area Mist Lavender Beds The Goblet Entrance Lower La Noscea Cedarwood Red Rooster Stead Central Shroud Bentbranch Mirror Planks Pier Western Thanalan Hammerlea The Eighty Sins of Sasamo * Locations of residential district entrances are subject to change. Acquiring a House 1. Purchasing Land Plots of land will be sold by auction. An unowned plot can be purchased by first examining the placard located at its entrance. Land may be purchased in any city, regardless of your free company's affiliation. Furthermore, only free company members with proper authorization may purchase land. For the time being, only one plot may be purchased by a single free company, though the ability to purchase multiple plots is scheduled for a future update. [align=center][/align] 2. Auction System The designated prices for all plots of land available for auction are set to be reduced every six hours. To confirm the price of an unowned plot or make a purchase, examine the placard located at its entrance. [align=center] * Development screenshot—subject to change.[/align] 3. Purchasing a House Permit House permits will be available for purchase from a vendor NPC. 4. Building a House After purchasing a plot of land, build a house by using a house permit on said plot. [align=center] * Development screenshot—subject to change.[/align] Remodeling a House 1. Customizing the House Exterior A house is comprised of four mandatory parts—roof, exterior wall, windows, and door—along with up to four optional parts: roof decoration, exterior wall decoration, placard, and fence. * Any parts used to customize your house will be consumed, and disappear from your inventory. 2. Outdoor Furnishings A number of furnishings can be placed in the garden outside of your house. The following three options will be available to adjust their position: Move: Change the position of selected furnishing. Rotate: Rotate the selected furnishing Remove: Remove the selected furnishing from the garden. * The number of furnishings that can be placed in your garden will depend on the size of your land. * Once a furnishing has been placed in the garden, it can no longer be traded. Furthermore, certain furnishings will be lost upon placing them in or removing them from the garden. 3. Customizing the Interior A number of parts including the wallpaper, flooring, and lighting of the interior can be changed. 4. Placing Furnishings in the House A wide range of furnishings will be available to decorate the interior of your estate including tables, lamps, plants, wall mountings, carpets, and more. Certain furnishings can be placed on top of others, such as lamps atop tables or desks. * The positioning of furnishings inside a house can be adjusted using an interface similar to the one used for the exterior. * Once a furnishing has been placed in the house, it can no longer be traded. Furthermore, certain furnishings will be lost upon placing them in or removing them from the garden. Planned Additions to the Housing System A crafting workshop where players can build vehicles such as airships. An orchestrion to change the music played inside houses. A chocobo stable to raise chocobos. Mannequins that can be dressed with player gear. A bulletin board that can be place inside the house. * The specific names of these features are subject to change. These are but a few of the ideas planned for player housing. With the release of patch 2.1, free companies will finally have a base of operations to call home. We hope you will enjoy this new addition to the world of Eorzea and look forward to the many related features that will follow. * Please note that housing is still in development, and certain details are still subject to change. For more details on the housing, check out Letter from the Producer LIVE Part IX. (http://sqex.to/Bh5)
  11. I love it Viola! Keep the ideas coming, and let me know whatever you need from me to help.
  12. Take your time, we're not going anywhere and will fill you in when you're well! Take it easy until then, we all miss you!
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