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  1. Citizens of Eorzea is a free company allied under the Adders of Gridania. We support players and members of all kinds Be you a roleplayer Or not. We have a home on Mateus and have an alliance with "The Dawn Breakers" on Mateus as well. Come join our server on discord and chat with us see if CoE may be your new home. We support for ERP, RP, and OOC normal play. FC Schedule is still under development and up for debate but we try to make sure everyone is able to participate with us in as much content as possible. While you may choose to be with another FC We hope you enjoy your time in Eorzea always and have fun~ Discord Gilded
  2. Yeah, thanks for the info. I guess I'll be on Leviathan.. I wonder if there's any RP FCs here, Or if making one would interest anyone.
  3. Hello! My name is Kylie, Or Saika depending on exactly who you talk to.. For this post it'll be OOC. I decided to join because I would like to move to Balmung and find or create a RP community for myself. I thought this place would be a really good place to start looking as far as the RP goes. I had some questions though before I moved If anyone cared to answer. I know Balmung is home to the major RP community, but what about ERP? I've been on F-list for awhile now and I'm really a custom for RP to lead into more mature topics including death. Next, Ideally, I would like to find a FC that structure in a way that allows freedom of the members to RP like in / on F-list. I find a lot of FCs like to lock down their themes and roles to 1 thing specifically and work hard to build on that, and I think that's cool but I wouldn't want my character to be stuck in 1 place doing the same things all the time. Any FCs you guys know match this? Finally, If I can't find a FC is there any chance of me making my own and people being interested? Balmung is hyperactive with nearly 20K active users daily, Is there any hope for a new FC to start 2 weeks before stormblood? Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day! ^^ Edit: I can't select Balmung on the world transfer.. So I guess I'm stuck on Leviathan... great..
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