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  1. I'm a newly returned player, back after a long break, looking to get back into the rp scene. Unfortunately it seems like the rp world isn't very active on my server (Midgardsormr) and I've been trying to find some relatively active groups. I've considered moving back to Mateus, my original server, but I've got some good irl friends here on Midgard that I'm a little hesitant to leave behind. If anyone knows of any active FCs or groups on this server hit me up, otherwise it looks like I may have to try and convince some people to transfer with me. Of course, there's always the option to join a primarily offline group as well, but that's kind of a last resort at this point. I like the feel of in game rp too much to leave it behind completely. I've got a few years of rp experience under my belt and would be looking for a group that's active, but it doesn't have to be something intensive, as long as there's communication and understanding between members. I just want a good home for my wandering Paladin cat.
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