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  1. Brinny

    Rolanberry Festival Event

    The La Noscea Community Club held it's first event at Camp Bronze Lake. There was hot springs, frozen cold treats, and a 'cutest pet' contest to top it all off.
  2. The La Noscea Community Club is hosting the first Ala Mhigan Games right outside Summerford Farms! Come to compete and receive IC prizes. (Large event comprised of 'Scottish Game' style competitions)
  3. The La Noscea Community Club is having it's first meeting, to determine club activities as well as the next event to plan. (IC small social event, at the <<INK>> FC house) Starts at 7 pm EST!
  4. Information for the event can be found in this google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kr8aOZEkuLsbIjny5FFD8CcCBn37VAdJ0qGnwnSuxRU/edit?usp=sharing
  5. [align=center][/align] [align=center]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/315186180595646475/364214976522747904/22218105_10214706622400711_1844518647_o.jpg[/img][/align] [align=center] [align=left]FC/LS NAME: Keepers of Lore TAG: [KL-RP] LEADER: Tsukiko Kitsune HOUSE: Mist Ward 5, Plot 5 TYPE OF RP: Light/Heavy RP, centered around a Sharlayan-based college of the summoning arts, but also other magic disiciplines (Bard/Red Mage/Astrologian/Conjury/Etc.) RECRUITING: Security, Students, (closed for now) Professors![/align] [align=left]--- Description: Tsundoku Carbuncle College is a lovely seaside school for the summoning arts, and other magical disciplines of Eorzea and beyond. Located in the scenic residential district of the Mists, students are able to enjoy the beach, sun, and outdoor facilities as well as the many indoor facilities such as dormitories, showers, a dining hall with a kitchen, study halls and lounges, and well-furbished classrooms. The faculty considers themselves to be the 'Keepers of Lore', protectors and preservers of knowledge.With plenty of the techniques and disciplines taught by the school easily capable of being used to better a student's personal gain rather than the betterment of others, they are tasked with making sure the spread of their knowledge goes to ideals of altruism. For the residents of the college are 'seeking out the past to prosper the future!'[/align] Looking to apply? Reach out to: [align=left]Provost: Sthalkhan Ward (Brinny#9182) (can do student interviews) Inquisition: Enqu Gosaqu, Fenris Lupinus FC Leader, Matron: Tsukiko Kitsune [/align] [/align]
  6. ^.^ Thanks for the replies, guys! I'd like to hit people up, probably when I get my nerd Hector more fleshed out. I'm trying to figure out FF lore slowly.
  7. FELLOW MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS! And in the same field, too! 8D Eyyyyyyy! Are you currently working on your degree too? How far are you into the program? I'm literally doing field work sitting with kids in summer programs right now, I'm just starting.
  8. Greetings! My name is Brinny--I'm 26 y/o, Gemini, and am currently in school to get a degree in Middle Grades Education in English or Social Studies--and boy am I new. I've put off playing this game FOREVER, sticking to WoW and then Wildstar RP for the past six years. Mostly it came from not knowing a doohickey about Final Fantasy anything, since I've never played a single game of the franchise. The other was that I didn't care for the High Fantasy vibe I got from it; my writing style is usually a mix of serious and humor, and I have to have that humor part. My characters also tend to not be 'heroes' but regular people trying to just survive, or pissbaby fingerwigglers with too much power in their hands when they've got the emotional maturity of a turnip. BUT--I tried this game out last month on a trial with a friend, found I liked the game a LOT with the jobs and stuff, and then when I came to Mateus recently I've found everyone to be very nice and the RP to be booming--so here I am! Scared, wide-eyed, and nervous in a new game to RP in when I've never done so before, but willing to learn lore and meet people! My times of activity are from 3 pm to 2 am EST, for the time being, and I'm usually free any day of the week except the occasional Monday-Thurs. I'm looking for character contacts outside of 'romantic' or ERP--flirting, hate-flirting, mud-wrestling, business, rivals, friends, comrades, it doesn't matter! As long as you don't mind my lack of being able to be completely serious in RP...because I really do like to laugh, and sneak in a couple of wall-eyed looks or clumsy face plants between serious paragraphs. My characters are Hector Faust (Highlander grump paladin guard to a mage), S'lohi Tia (Miqo'te Bard and Mage, flirtatious lecherous bastard with a talented knack for music), and Aya Bakuto (A short white-horned Au Ra who's been ousted from her home and fled to Eorzea--she likes to fight and be a mischevious imp). ovo/ Happy to be here so far! Thanks to everyone who's given me 'hullos' and welcomed me warmly so far. FF RP tumblr
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