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  1. Thank you, friend! The funny thing is, I picked Mateus at random. A few weeks ago, I saw an infograph about population distribution, since I have a few vague friends who play, and I noted that Mateus seemed to have the lowest population out of all the NA servers. So when I joined during SB's early access, I remembered that and was also enticed by the bonus exp and the Silver Chocobo Feathers, since those seemed important. Little did I know...
  2. Oh yes, I used to RP in-game in WoW all the time, mainly because I had a few addons that made it much easier for me to manage (like a notepad that would let me type up and see my entire reply in one space, and a 'no text limit' chatbox). But no other game I play has such intricate control over how emote actions are performed and displayed in the chatbox itself, and having to use appropriate emotes for actions was always something I hated, since I would always have to look up what commands did what. And yep, I work 40+ hours a week, 5~6 days a week, so my free time is quite limited. Another reason I feel intimidated, since most people seem to want to RP in-game, and I'd rather get things done with what little time I have to play. At least with skype/discord, I can reply at work and when I'm generally not in-game or even anywhere near my computer, but using IMs seems to turn a lot of people off (at least, that's how it is with the GW2 scene). And the Miqo'te are just so cute. There's always that one race I gravitate to; In SWTOR it was cyborgs, in WoW it's blood elves, in GW2 it's sylvari. I guess it's because I'm a cat person lol
  3. Thank you, friend! And yep, I'm just working through the MSQ, bumbling along and seeing how my main develops from that. Unless I have prior knowledge of the setting (like I did with SWTOR, being a Star Wars fan and having played the KOTOR games), I tend to just... Flail about until I get a handle on lore. Start with a few big tropes/archetypes, and go from there. i remember when i started GW2, having never even heard of the original, and now my list of characters there is known as 'the Never-Ending Character List' lol I think I'm more intimidated by just how much control we have over the way emotes are executed and displayed. Being able to do just the motions, while tweaking facial expressions is amazing, but overwhelming. I got my RP start on forums as well, and still vastly prefer forums/IMs for RPing, partially because having to manage a character's actions in-game is usually so tedious and a little too much for me. But, might as well give the RP scene here a try and see what happens~.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm Frosty and I am completely brand new to FFXIV, and the Final Fantasy franchise as whole. But I've been playing MMOs for a long time, and RPing for even longer (I currently play/RP GW2, WoW, and SWTOR, but I've been RPing for close to twenty years now), so I'm really eager to dive into RPing here. Just still trying to get a feel for the lore and the storylines, and how I could possibly use those to flesh out my characters. Of course, I'm on Mateus, and have four characters so far (I'm a terrible altoholic), though with minimal development: My Miqo'te main who is shaping up to be a quiet forest hermit (bard), my Xaela Au Ru from the Dazkar tribe (future astrologian), my Duskwight Elezen (don't have much for him yet, but will be the future red mage), and another Miqo'te whom I'm not sure what to do with, I just wanted another one. So any lore resources would be great! I'm not sure if I'm ready to RP yet, though, unless someone wants to hold my hand and put up with my bumbling around as I try to get my feet and figure things out and cut my teeth on lore. Anyway, it's nice to meet you all!
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