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  1. Hai hai, New to this website/forum, not new to roleplay! I've roleplayed on quite a lot of games the past 13 years but I can't say I've ever done so on ffxiv, mainly due to the fact there aren't many people that roleplay on Phoenix. I was wondering how things are going on EU's non-official roleplay server. While I can't move there with my main because of my own Free Company and the amount of gil I have that I'd rather not lose, I'd be open to create a new character over there to interact with fellow roleplayers. If someone reads this who happens to be playing on Omega, I'd love to hear how its going over there!
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    Tranquillity [Phoenix EU]

    Out of character: Tranquillity is a roleplaying Free Company that's currently being established on Phoenix. We aren't with many as of yet but hope to expand and have people join our cause to make a roleplaying community on the server happen. All sorts of people are welcome and any type of roleplay is. Whether you're an adventurer, a crafter or a social butterfly, it doesn't matter to us. We are currently at the very, very early stages of setting up the Free Company and there for help would certainly be appreciated to get this thing rolling. So far we're two people 'strong' and have yet to find additional people to sign the Free Company petition along with us to truly get started. We're currently still fleshing out the background story of our Free Company and will update the thread as soon as possible with additional in-character information. For now, if you happen to be from Phoenix or are willing to move to the world and most importantly of all are interested in establishing (more) roleplay on the server, then please don't hesitate and shoot me a message, we need your help! To be updated