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  1. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    Thank you so much! I made the animation in Photoshop! (The newest version!)
  2. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    Animated icons for me and my friend!
  3. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    Hello! So sorry for the late reply ;; I have a waiting list open if you're still interested! If so, please pm me and we can discuss the details! PM sent!
  4. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    Did some actual proper chibis of them! o/ Also, added a new drawing on my first post!!
  5. chib

    Xi's Sketch Corner

    Your artwork is super cool!! And I adore the chibis wahh they're so cute;;;; Would love to AT or commission you eventually ;u; (esp the cheebs oh my goodness they're so precious)
  6. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    More cute stuff again aaa // I wanna try drawing them more, hopefully i can squeeze in some drawings for Halloween this year!
  7. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    Child versions of my and my friend's cat bois! These were done a bit awhile ago but I wanted to practice more child features and what better way than to experiment w/ the boyssss
  8. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    Ahh thank you!! He's a pure sunshine, and a joy to draw;; Thanks you much, happy to hear you like my style, even though I struggle with consistency-- I finished that one painting of the Au Ra for a client as well!! I'm gonna go rest now omg my back hurts-- Would show bigger version but since it's for a client I wanna keep the size smaller just in case )b
  9. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    A smiling boy!! His happiness brings me joy as well //shot As for commissions, I was thinking to put the prices sorta like this: Sketches -> Portraits (like in the example) would be $15, half bods $30, and full bodies $45! More refined works would cost extra which would really depend on what character people want me to draw and how detailed they are in terms of armory, patterns, etc! Not sure how good I would be at drawing Lalas but I could give it a shot-- Also, I love designing stuff! I could add an option to design clothes for the characters! It could be something that people could use for roleplaying purposes or anything else they'd like! Some uh, random designs i've made in the past: ((^Mind the messy af wings on this one laugHS)) Prices would be negotiable and it would depend on the design itself, cheapest would be to design just a headpiece or some sort of head accessory, and the most expensive would be the full body because i would be drawing a full body reference of the character w/ full custom outfit etc!
  10. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    Thanks so much!! Glad you think so!! ' v')b Thank you!! I'll try to whip out some more drawings of my own characters for possible comm examples when I can and I might add commissions as an option then! Thank you for the interest!
  11. chib

    Chib's doodle dump (OPEN for orders!)

    Ahh thank you so much!! I was stalking the forums for quite a bit before I decided to be apart of the whole thing, everyone seemed really kind so I wanted to join in! Also, thanks for the interest!! Will definitely consider the whole commissions thing!
  12. hi there im chib, i come from the Coeurl server and i like to draw stuff Usually it's my or my friend's miqo'te tho LAUGHS My drawings usually consist of unfinished scribbles because of 2 reasons: - i like drawing messy and unclean - im very lazy But here are some random stuff i found in my folders! (some are really old though) UPDATE: I'm currently open to draw Chibis or sketchy full bodies of your character!! Chibis are $35 as base price (if the character is complicated the price may add up, not more than $10, though) Sketchy full bodies will look something like my first example on this post! They are $55 as base price (same rule as the chibis in terms of price range) Chibis will look like my latest post on this thread! Thank you! Close up: This one is SEMI NSFW you've been warned (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°) OLD STUFF BELOW Will post more stuff that I feel will be worthy of showing when i can LAUGHS