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  1. Hello, everyone. Started playing FFXIV with friends about a month ago and decided to get into the RP scene. I would have started a character on the more "active" RP servers but since they're full up (and will probably be that way forever now, haha), I decided to just stick with the server my friends got me started on. As far as previous experience goes, I've roleplayed on WoW for a few years and done some private forum roleplay with friends. Anyway, just trying to get my footing in terms of FF lore and all that. My RP character is Esmond Greave, he's a Hyur Midlander from the Shroud and currently an archer. I'm looking to develop his character more through RP. I typically work late on the weekends but I'm pretty open almost any time of day during the week. Feel free to message me here or in game is fine. Thanks for reading!
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