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  1. Oh wow, thank you so much! I wasn't expecting such a long detailed response and I greatly appreciate it! Hmm, So, my character being born in Namai in Yanxia is totally possible then? Perhaps born in Namai, but his biological parents were killed by Garleans and the Sharlayan couple who wanted to stay and collect as much data as possible on the region, witness the murder and adopts my character. They decide to flee from Othard and live out what time is remaining (approx. 8 years) at the Sharlayan colony in Eorzea before the exodus, but instead of going back to the Homeland they stay behind
  2. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to RPing on FFXIV but I've been working on my character and trying to stay within lore and such. I have what I consider a pretty fleshed out timeline of events and history for my character, but after getting some feedback from others they have some nitpicking issues that are eating away at me and I'd like some suggestions or feedback that I could possibly alter to accommodate the lore more accurately. First off, my Raen Au Ra is adopted by Sharlayans that are in Othard on a survey mission in the year 1549 which is under Garlean oppression at this time. So, I'm
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