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  2. [align=center]❝ For a man who proclaims to be a lover over a fighter, it cannot be denied that he is often in the thick of the seediest hearts of mischief. Still, his claims are held up in other ways -- his inclination to laughter, a good drink with company, and a conscious effort to seem more amicable and harmless than he truly is. He is easy-going enough, but his true nature often presses him to the edge of listening and learning over boasting his own bouts of adventure. He is uncomfortable with conversations that stray too far into philosophy or politics, preferring his world to be small an
  3. hi ! long-time roleplayer here, with previous non-roleplaying experience in games like lotro, swtor, as well as a definitely healthy interest in single-player rpgs & tabletop as well. a rough estimate for my time writing online would be eleven years, & i've been writing offline for longer. this is my first time dipping my toes into roleplaying via mmorpg, but ffxiv has a hook in me & i'd really love to give it a go. my character is briardien miraudont, pugilist & rogue, who would sooner pick up thread, needle, or skillet before making too much of a violent scene. he's
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