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  1. I want to play in NA, however, the country that I live in falls in the PAL region. So will I be able to play with players in Mateus even if I am to buy the game from steam on a PAL SE account?
  2. Balmung is indeed the most populated RP server. It is so populated it is even overpopulated and character creation and transfers to Balmung has been blocked until further notice. Even before the complete lockdown it was almost impossible to create a new character on Balmung, except for about half a minute right after maintenance. Of the RP servers you can actually get onto I'd say Mateus(NA) and Omega(EU) are the most populated and active. Thank you so much for your reply!! I created my character in Mateus for the very reason. Also, I was wondering which version is better, Steam or Retail?
  3. Hey guys! I am a new player to FFXIV though I have been playing WoW for a long time mostly on RP servers. After searching for a while I found out that Balmung is the best server for RP in terms of both population and accessibility however for some reason the realm is blacked out whenever I try to create a new character. So my question which other realms should I go for? RP is my favorite type of play style and I would really like it if you guys could help me out
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