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  1. Developer diary As it's been some time, I thought I'd share my progress. Currently, I am trying to await messages when a user types !add. But all the asynchronous options don't work nestled in !add. I've tried making it a function, or a while, or even outside the message listener. 2.0 will have two key features when I iron out the bugs: 1: adding events 2: fortnightly events/monthly events I'm still working on things, but note.js doesn't have as much documentation on discord bots. Another downside to the language I chose over a year ago. For now, v1.2 will have the following updates: -Call a specific day with !day eg !monday. This change will be live tomorrow.
  2. Effective Immediately, weekly markets is henceforth cancled.
  3. Due to connection issues and the DOS attacks, Weekly markets are canceled this week.
  4. Come for the drinks, stay for the brawl!
  5. FC Name: Amber Alyssum Tag: <A-RP> Leader Name: Sitata Sits - The Laladome#8597 FC House Address: Plot 36, 14th Ward, Lavender Beds. (South subdivision teleport) Type: Adventure Active Times: 3+ hours typically ranging from 8pm EST to 2AM 3 Events every week! Seeking: Roleplayers from any cut of the cloth. ~ "May the sun be behind you, and the winds favorable as you travel to a new dawn." Public knowledge: A-RP is a company that gives anyone and everyone a home, on the condition they be prepared to do anything and everything. They are a 'for hire' group that will do any job, be it gardening or monster slaying' Contact: You are welcome to come by the home, or enter our discord, or join our website. Website: amberalyssumrp.enjin.com Discord: discord.gg/TWUEWem
  6. Are you a crafter? Do you have items of rarity from monsters to sell? Then come to Amber's weekly markets! Who knows what you'll find! Where: Plot 36 14th ward, lavender beds( South subdivision) When: Wednesday, 10:00:00 pm (GMT -5/EST) How Trades work Those who arrive on or before 10pm EST will be allowed to set up in one of the stalls provided. People will arrive, and if they wish to purchase your item they will approach. Items may be tangible, or purely roleplay. eg: Candle Incense vs Bracelets. Once both parties have agreed to a price money will be exchanged. It is up to the trader to decide if the money is in character or out of character. If an item is intangible, we recommend the price also be intangible. Amber holds no responsibility for any purchases that occur. Should a refund be required, we are not obligated to do so, only the trader is. Haggling is not just recommended, but encouraged. All trades are to be conducted IN CHARACTER. Example: Person A is selling Incense. Person B asks how much Person A says 15 gil Person B hands over gil, but doesn't give actual in game money. -trade complete- Example 2: Person A is selling a Choker(Neck piece) Person B asks how much Person A says 200 gil Person B gives 200 gil via the trade system -trade complete- ___________________
  7. Wanting to scratch that itch that bar rp just can't? Then you're in luck! Amber is now opening our story-line to the public. Once a week you can join us for an adventure that may or may not end in tragedy. Where: Plot 36 14th ward, lavender beds( South subdivision) When: Saturday, 10:00:00 pm (GMT -5/EST) How Fights work Both fighters roll initiative. Whoever roles higher goes first. They emote their attack BEFORE rolling. The second fighter roles against their roll. If the first is higher, it's one point. The second fighter now emotes their recoil, and attack. First to three wins! Example: A used flamethrower Random! You roll a 41. Random! You roll a 844. B dodges the fire, and casts magic missile on the darkness. Random! You roll a 739. Random! You roll a 196. A 's darkness is hit. (1-0 to B) ___________________
  8. Welcome to Mateus! Here's the link to the public discord: https://discord.gg/77DDRUg Let me know if you need anything!
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