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  1. Originally I had intended on Faerie, but after looking at all the Mateus talk I erred on the side of caution and went there. Thanks for helping me validate my choice. I can't wait to get situated and start meeting some people.
  2. Hey all I'm pretty new to RP. I've done it a couple times, but haven't gotten involved with any RP communities. I'm not new to XIV, got about 2000 hours into it so far, but I'd like to start over with an RP dedicated character on an available server known for having a sizeable community. Would anyone be willing or able to direct me to one? I know Balmung is huge but closed, and I will probably default to Faerie if nothing else since I've read about its community so far. I'm fleshing out my new gal X'khah today, tinkered with the benchmark to get her look right (fantabuloso), and now I'm waiting for my potatonet to dl XIV again. I'd love to meet new people! :moogle:
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