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  1. That's great thanks. Thank you both. This is great I will check it out! Cheers
  2. Hi All, I have been playing FF14 for just over a year now and have only recently been intrigued by the RP community after doing some research into it. I have done a little RP before but only text based so this is all new to me. Just wondered if anyone would mind providing any feedback on what I have come up with for my character. I have done some research into the seeker tribes and I have tried to keep my story kind of in line with what I think may be ok: Character Name: Thorn Thunderfists Character Gender: Male Race: Miqo'Te Seeker Character Disposition / Mood (generally speaking): Energetic (Sometimes referred to as hyperactive…) with a positive view on life. Background Story / Info: Growing up in the Sagolii Desert always had its ups and downs for Thorn. Found as a baby amongst the brushes near the Forgotten Springs by a wandering female U-Tribe Hunter, he was taken in. Choosing to raise him as her own the female hunter; U’Rurilo had to deal with a lot of disdain from the other tribe members about her decision. She also had to deal with the fact that as an outsider Thorn was not allowed to have a U-Tribe name, so instead she took inspiration from the thorn brushes that she had found him in. Shielding him as much as she could from the other tribe members, she raised Thorn to be a self-sufficient child so that if he ever found himself alone he could at least survive. She was a positive soul always advising Thorn to find the good and the excitement in things. Unfortunately for Thorn at the age of 10 cycles, U’Rurilo was killed during an Amalj'aa ambush while out hunting. This left Thorn a true outcast within the U-Tribe. Knowing he would not last long as a male Seeker Miqo’te he ventured out into the Sagolii Desert. Many thought him as good as dead, but Thorn possessing a persistent soul proved everyone wrong. For many cycles he survived the desert even making a return to the springs to resupply. Eventually Thorn managed to find a regular job at Byregot’s Strike keeping the mines clean from dust and sand, and on occasions the odd clearing out of monsters. One night when the sky was clear and the stars were bright Thorn started to wonder what else was out there in the world, and that very next day fate, being a funny old girl, presented Thorn with a glimpse of what could be. A group of travelling adventurers wandered into Byregot’s Strike looking for ways to make some quick gil. During the nightly drinks Thorn watch intriguingly how close the adventurers were. At some point during the night one of the adventurers; a burly Roegadyn, who had tanked the ale back, started to get a little boisterous with his fellow adventurers asking them for a sparring session. None would accept, but Thorn did, to the surprise of everyone around. The excitement of the fight thrilled Thorn and he never wanted it to end, he even managed to land a few hits on the Roegadyn that shocked the giant. But the fight was ended when the Roegadyn pinned Thorn to the ground by sitting on him; “You fight like a storm possessed boy, your fists are like Thunder when they hit, fast and true.” The words still etched into Thorns mind to this day. Saying goodbye to the adventurers left an itch in Thorns stomach, he wanted that companionship, he wanted to see the world. So he left, he got on the next cart to Ul’Dah to start his adventures. Never saying no to anything Thorn has experienced a lot during his travels, and he never wants that to end. Special Details: Thorn just wants to find a big Roegadyn preferably with a big bushy beard to be his best friend, they will drink together, adventure together and share bro hugs when they are feeling down, happy, or just… all the time... I haven't given Thorn a specific job role as he will generally try to fight with anything at hand, however I don't picture him being a magic user. This is still a work in progress so any feedback will be much appreciated. Also while I am here I currently play on the Louisoix Server and have recently joined a small RP linkshell that is still deciding on what to do. If there are any other Louisoix players that are currently RP'ing or thinking about it please let me know as I would be happy to join if you are accepting newbies.
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