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  1. Thanks for the replies! I've created a new character on Mateo and am leveling it up to the point where I have some background to work with. I've stumbled on a couple of very in-depth public conversations happening out in the wild and noticed several people walking instead of running. Even without any direct interaction, I can already tell it's a different place. I'm looking forward to a new experience! (One unexpected bonus is that I had forgotten that you meet major NPCs when you're still very low level. I've only been through the main story once so it was kinda cool.)
  2. Hello! I'm new to FFXIV and the FF universe (been playing about 2 months), but an experienced MMO playeras well as a long-time table-top RPG’er. I haveabout 4 or 5 characters that recur in the various RPGs/MMOs that I play. Never done any FF before, but I’m loving the story so far (it's so good!) So here’s my current situation: I’ve been playing onBrynhildr and reached end-game. I joineda small, very helpful FC that has been great, but they focus on meta-gaming and raid progression. I'm much more casual and now that I’ve hitend-game, I have a lot of time in-game that I would li
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