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  1. Hi! Should probably change my forum name to who I actually name, but Iunno how to do that! I play Kesa Onca, a middle-aged Keeper trying to find her way with nothing but a girl at her side (at the moment, at least?) and a sword in hand! I play on Omega, obviously... Kesa is a morally 'correct' character who loves her family and friends more than anything! (It's part of her being a Paladin, it's how she do)- so rivals, antagonists, friends and allies welcome! (Contact in game or on Discord at THE DOOM MEOWER#7598 !!!!
  2. I. Basic Info Characters:Kesa Onca, Eglantine Nijie, Aneela Akari Primary character:Kesa Onca Linkshells:RP Coalition (Omega) Primary RP linkshell:Look above [*][*][*][*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I'd say medium ranging to border heavy. Views on RP combat and injuries: Don't pick a fight with me with the intent on killing me or leaving me to die. Duels with medium stakes are fine. Views on IC romance: Someone love me please? I actually prefer exclusive relationships, but I'm up for any sor
  3. OutlawNofi


    I'm an American playing on an EU server because I'm strange. If you play on Omega (Or any other world in that part of the... world?) Look for Kesa Onca, Eglantine Nijie, or Aneela Akari. You'll be sure to find me.
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