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  1. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Desiderium is a Hingan influenced Social Club operating out of the Goblet. [/align] [align=center][/align] Catering to those who seek to relax and indulge their vices, we aim to create an entertaining and educational environment for our members and patrons alike, allowing them to enjoy the finest comforts, hospitality, and tastes the Far East has to offer. While our themes are mature, we specialise in the more platonic pleasures associated with the lifestyle through laid back, day to day RP. Desiderium is not an ERP FC. We focus on the art and beauty of non-sexual indulgent themes, highlighting safe methods of shibari, and offering friendly companionship to our patrons. We're looking to have events for the community and storylines for our members, offering a new-hire/mentor method of enrollment upon first joining. For more information please visit our website by clicking the 'Visit Site' hyperlink on the side of the thread. You can also visit our Tumblr here. If you've any questions, feel free to send a tell to Rhela'li Vuinuet, Aleoux Vuinuet, or Terukiyo Daisho in-game.
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