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  1. Thank you I think i allready found a Home for my new Character on Omega. No regrets at all that i signed up here
  2. Greetings fellow Eorzeans The Name is Finnegan or Finnie for short. I recently returned to play FFXIV actively again, due to having way more time than before. My main Character is stationed on Cerberus, but i decided to replay the Stormblood msq, so a new character it was. Because i am a bit disappointed in the RP on Cerberus, i decided to start my new Character on Omega. This means that i will play on both worlds (PvE on Cerberus / RP on Omega). I myself played WoW since BC and changed to SWTOR once it became "F2P". In both games i did a lot of RP, but with only one Character. In 2015 i decided to checkout FFXIV and fell in love with it. Ever since, i Roleplayed with several different Characters on Cerberus. In every MMO i played as a main Tank, and so do i in FFXIV. Now because i felt like it would be a bit borring to just repeat my old habbits, i decided to go for a different role this time. A Ninja. Thus i am in need of a teacher beside Google and Youtube. Oh and of course a suiting FC for my newly created Princess. But that should do it for the Gaming part. I am currently 23 yo and from Switzerland. Beside gaming, i do a lot of different RPs. On good weather i dress up in medieval manner, or even armor, and go LARPing. If the weather decides to be against us, me and my friends stay home to defeat Dragons and Dark Lords in our P&P campaignes. A lot of my freetime goes into a Star Wars sim/rp browser "game". Where i and many other players reshape the Star Wars Universe. next to the RP and Gaming comes my real passion, music. I am a hobby Rapper/Songwriter and i get the honor to perform in several bars and events next year. The reason that i am able to put as much time into what i love is fairly simple. No work. I quit work, cringe alert, to follow my dreams and do what i love. Due to that i gotta live on a minimum tho, but i dont mind that. I hope i didnt overdo it ^^ If you got question feel free to ask at any time. And if you want to teach me how to play Ninja, please get in touch with me (i decided to add a pic of me too, i mean why not :P) Much Love, Finnie <3
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