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  1. Molotov

    Hello to you all!

    Hello and it's a pleasure to find this forum! I am an old player that has returned to Eorzea after a two year break and is a hardcore casual player on Lich. I have always had a love for role playing (a hobby that started with D&D back in 2002) and since I think that my gaming experience will be heightened by role playing, I came over this forum while looking for some kind of community around RPing on Lich. We are a little group that RP with each other, there was an attempt at a RP linkshell on Lich, but to rather quickly ran out in the sand and while I adore my friends, I am hoping to find more. Not only for RP but maybe also for other in-game content. (but that's not at all a must from my part.) What I'm hoping for is a little bit of everything, as long as the feel is good. I am not much for "we need to do this now", as a person who struggles with a lot of stress (you know, close to burning out), casual is a really huge keyword. Either way! Happy to be here! Hope to make some friends and meet with you in the game.